Dog Barker – Being Prepared

10-7-2016-12-42-01-pmThere is always this question in my mind “if the crap hit the fan what would I do?” Am I ready for the possibilities of things to come? Am I prepared to take care of my family including my fur babies?

Asking all of the above questions here is the SITREP (Situation Report as we call it in the Army): All the stores are empty and people are panicking. The gas stations are out of fuel and their shelves are empty. People everywhere are looking out for themselves. Life as you know it just turned really bad quick, and you find yourself carrying a firearm with the intent to protect what you have. There is wailing and crying because many were not ready. They have no extra food, water, or simple things that could assist them in living. You see people who you considered friends all of a sudden look at you differently because they know you have a home with preparations in it. They know you have a few dogs that will want for nothing because you prepared for an emergency. “Hey”, you hear, “I am more important than your dogs. You should give me shelter or help me and my family. Please!” This is a time that you should consider a bug out plan. Lucky for you, that plan was prepared a while back.


I know I am sounding heartless, but I personally choose my dogs. I planned ahead and took precautions. Would I help if I could? Yes, but where there is one that you help too many will come looking and just like a life boat off a sinking ship with too many people trying to save themselves, all could be lost.

Let us pretend we are bugging out. Of course, I am taking my dogs. Will it be risky? Yes, but that is life. This choice will make life harder because no one can carry a large supply of food. I would try and use my dogs to assist in carrying much needed supplies. I would also invest in a light pistol or small caliber rifle, a bow set, and sling shot. This is where your skills as a camper or bushman will come in handy. Knowing what plants can be eaten or used will be important as well as being able to set snares or traps to catch that much needed protein. Protein in the wild is energy, and certain plants can provide the carbohydrates you will need. Your supplies should be enough to get you from point A to point B where you have a supply dump or other storage to meet your survival needs.

Now, let’s say we don’t bug out, and we just hunker down. Then here is what I would do. So, what should we do to avoid needing help and ensuring what we love is looked after should the crap hit the fan? My recommendation is to build a prepper kit at home. In this cache I would store up water. The best way to store water is to either buy those 55 gallon plastic drums that you see in the classifieds and fill one up a month. Or as you empty a gallon jug of milk or tea, wash them out and fill with water. Someone can live on water alone for no more than 3 weeks without eating. So, water is the most vital. Another method of having water is locating any natural springs in the area you live. Remember that a water purification system would be helpful but there are other natural ways to purify water. This will have to be something you read up on.

At the same time everyone is working on their water supply, your food supply should be coming along too. I would recommend buying large quantities of dry dogfood, sugar, salt, flour, corn meal, a variety of dry beans, rice, and oatmeal. Here is something many of you may not know. Dry beans are also seeds. So, if you can plant them they will grow and be a harvest. Sam’s, Costco, Wal-Mart, and other stores carry these large supplies. I would also buy large canned foods such as beans, sauces (because you know you need something different every now and again), canned fruits, and bags of nuts. Then I would take a course in canning and storing my food supply. Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, have been known to offer classes to assist in the storing of food.

A few items I would invest in would be fire starter kits, matches, a solar cooker, a cast iron set, and a food dehydrator. A solar cooker comes in handy on clear sunny days and does not smoke. That helps with staying hidden if needed. The cast iron set would be great for cooking over a fire and of course in a relatively safe area. The food dehydrator is a great way to buy fruits and vegetables fresh and store them once prepared and placed in the dehydrator.

Now, if everyone is smart they will be educating themselves and their surroundings and learning what plants can assist in everyday life. An example would be the “Mullberry Bush.” Its leaves have a natural insect repellent. I would recommend you pluck the leaves, crush them, and scrub them across your skin and that will assist in deterring insect bites. There is so much bush craft knowledge I would recommend everyone study. It will greatly increase your survival.

Lastly, I stated earlier to invest in weapons to assist your survival but I would also recommend items such as medical supplies, a small shovel, a small axe, and a good knife. These items are very important to assist in surviving in the wilderness, or just everyday life.

“Remember to love your dogs because they love you. Maybe not the way you want them to, like chewing up your favorite shoes or what not, but that is just love chewing. Be thankful for the time you have with them always.”