Dog Barker – Another Dog in Need

2014-04-04_15-34-58Folks, I could not help but put this story out there. I do not normally do another person’s needs in my article and I do not plan to make a habit of this. Maggie has a heart for dogs and I believe that God has a reason that we should be the voice of the voiceless. They can bark but sometimes a translator is needed. Here is Maggie’s story about a dog named Girly.


We’ve been helping homeless animals for six years, but this past February we rescued a very special girl that was abandoned on a farm. She was very thin and timid. We named her Girly after a lady from Gurley, AL named Karen that donated for her vet care. Sadly just nine days after her spay, we came home to blood everywhere; dog paw prints of blood and blood puddles. It was horrific! We then found Girly curled up in the corner under the kitchen table. She was lying in a pool of blood. At 11pm, she was rushed to our vet where she was diagnosed with an unknown severe infection, and she stayed at the clinic on IV fluids, vitamin K, and antibiotics overnight. She was kept on antibiotics for 2 more weeks and was finally gaining some weight. Two more weeks passed, and one day she would not get out of her crate and turned away food for the first time. She wouldn’t stand and was running a 105.5 temperature; very dangerous for any animal.

2014-04-04_15-37-07I immediately rushed her to the vet and was told her spleen would likely burst if not removed promptly. The vet quoted me $1000, and I thought “Yes I can raise that amount to save her!”
After her surgery, I got a call that it wasn’t her spleen but her kidney. It was infected and 5 times the size of a normal kidney. I was then quoted $2400-$3000 for the kidney removal on top of the $900 already spent. I knew it would be nearly impossible to raise that much, so I found a more affordable vet, and he removed her kidney that day with success. The healthy kidney did its job and took over!

She is thriving and finally feels like playing with the other dogs for the first time in a long time. I have raised almost $1000 selling handmade jewelry and other fundraising, but there is still $800 remaining. I need everyone’s help please, because donations have come to a halt. We have 10+ dogs in our care at all times, and all of the recent donations have gone straight to Girly’s medical bills. Donations can be called in to 2 vets for “Girly- owner Maggie Tucker” at Family Pet Care 256-232-1906 and All Animal Clinic 256-446-8888. Donations can also be sent through paypal to We are not a 501c3 animal rescue, but we open our home to animals in need. Thank you for your donations! Sincerely, Maggie and Girly
Well, God Bless you all. I hope this helps Maggie and Girly.
By: Joel Allen