Do You Have the Proper Gun Training?

8-19-2016 10-18-10 AMAlmost every day, I talk to people about getting properly trained in the use of their handgun for self-defense. Probably nine out of ten people give me the same answer, “Oh, I know how to shoot a gun.” I usually then ask, “But, have you ever had any training?” Then the typical answer is, “Oh, my grandfather took me hunting when I was ten years old.”

Sorry folks, that doesn’t count as proper gun training. Just because you know how to point the gun and pull the trigger, does NOT mean you know how to safely and properly use a gun for self-defense. There are very important things that each and every gun owner must know about using a gun in a self-defense situation. Laws vary from state to state and if you, heaven forbid, are ever confronted by evil, you must know your state’s self-defense laws. Knowing when to shoot and even more important, when not to shoot, can either save your life, or save you from a jail sentence.

I don’t know how many dozens of times I have heard the old myth, “If you shoot a burglar inside your home and he runs outside and dies, drag him back inside before you call the cops.” If you believe that one, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you. Believe me when I say, “Do not ever alter the scene of a justified homicide, or you will more than likely make it look like you are trying to hide something which will make you look very guilty. The same goes for the old myth, “If the you shoot the bad guy as he is running away from your home, drag him inside.” Believing these old myths could land you in a world of trouble.

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I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from Lee County Florida. I am an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. I am currently teaching “Basic Pistol and Self Defense” firearms classes which include live fire training at the range, three out of four weeks every month. Most of my classes are on weekends, but I can easily schedule a class for as few as two, almost any day of the week except Sunday. I keep the classes small, four or five students, maximum, so I can provide individual attention.

For my students and other experienced shooters, I also teach classes in “Advanced Self Defense Shooting.” For the advanced class, we use “Shoot, don’t shoot” targets. The students must decide very quickly which target is the threat. For the advanced class we also do dry fire shooting from inside your car to teach defensive tactics in a car-jacking situation.

This September and October, I will be giving classes at the Center For Lifelong Learning. Contact: Wanda Campbell, Center for Lifelong Learning – 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611 – 256-233-8262.

On September 16th, the class will be “Introduction to Handgun Safety.” This is a basic 90-minute class for beginners who want to learn basic handgun safety and self-defense laws. Upon completing the class, students will understand how to safely handle a pistol or revolver. Students will be able to determine if a handgun is loaded and how to make it safe. Students will learn the basic laws of self-defense and when it is lawful to use a firearm in such situations. Attendees are instructed NOT to bring their own guns to this class. Any questions about this class, feel free to call and ask Paul, at 256-431-6702

On October 7th & 8th, I will be instructing a class in “Basic Handgun Shooting and Self Defense.” This class is designed to teach new handgun users how to safely and properly use their personal firearm. This class is also a great refresher for experienced gun owners who may not have had previous professional instruction. The classroom portion is approximately 5-6 hours, followed by time at a private shooting range. Students should transport their firearms unloaded to the class in a box, bag, or a gun case. Do NOT to BRING LIVE AMMO INTO THE CLASSROOM! You will not need your ammunition until we get out to the firing range. Participants must have in their possession their pistol permit as issued by your county Sheriff. Students are expected to provide their own handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition specified for their gun. Any questions about this class, your gun, or ammo, call and ask Paul at 256-431-6702.
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