Diabetes Cure?

By: Roy Williams

You may ask yourself if it is possible to prevent or even reverse diabetes. When you are talking about type II or adult onset diabetes the answer is definitely yes, that is if you are willing to do your part.

Type 2 diabetes is often accurately described as a lifestyle disorder and that is why the problem is insurmountable for so many diabetics. Americans are set in their eating habits, and most would rather treat the symptoms of diabetes than change their diet.

Almost 98 percent of all diabetics are type 2. It has become epidemic in America for two main reasons. The first reason is a lack of exercise and when that is combined with the standard American diet (second reason), it is inevitable for thousands of people to develop diabetes.

Let’s cover the first of those two issues, a lack of exercise. Everyone knows that exercise forces the body to burn more sugar. The more you burn the less likely it is that your blood sugar levels will go too high. So let me recommend that you find a type of exercise that you will be consistent with and then do it.

The hardest part of reversing or preventing diabetes concerns not only what but also the amount they eat. An amazing fact that is often over looked is that in the year 1900, the average American ate 5 pounds of sugar a year, and there was almost no type 2 diabetes and practically no obesity. By the year 2000, the average American was consuming over 150 pounds of sugar a year and type 2 diabetes had reached epidemic levels.

To reverse type 2 diabetes, the person must be willing to change their diet. It is imperative that a diabetic make a habit of eating less and learn which foods they should eat and which foods they should avoid.

As complicated as it sounds, let me make it as simple as possible. I have seen hundreds of type 2 diabetics come off all their medications by doing these five things:

1) Avoiding all types of sugar, but especially high-fructose corn syrup. There is a definite connection between type 2 diabetes and high-fructose corn syrup. This sugar is made from corn and has been shown to confuse or restrict the body’s production of insulin. Diabetics should avoid all soft drinks.

2) Reduce the amount of white starchy foods, such as breads, potatoes, pasta and rice. These starchy foods are converted to sugar in your body, which will cause your blood sugar to spike. A good rule is that no more than ¼ of each meal should contain these starchy foods.

3) Eat more protein, such as eggs, nuts, meats and vegetables (other than white potatoes). Green, red, yellow, purple, and other colorful foods are great for diabetics.

4) Drink more water. Water is an absolute must for diabetics. It is the great hydrator and purifier. It will flush your body of excess negative things, such as sugar.

5) Support your health with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Nutrition is key to longevity for a diabetic. Diabetes is an inflammatory condition.

When it comes to the American diet, almost all of it is nutrient deficient. The nutrients that are missing just happen to be the ones that help us avoid diabetes. When you don’t get proper nutrients from your food you will begin to crave more food.
Unfortunately, most foods we are taught to eat in America causes spikes in blood sugar levels. Diabetics tell me that they can’t seem to get enough to eat, that nothing satisfies them.

It also blows my mind how many diabetics tell me that they don’t like water. Besides oxygen, water is absolutely necessary. Water is the great detoxifier. Without enough water, your kidneys and liver simply can’t get rid of the toxins. Those toxins will eventually reach dangerous levels and can then begin to affect insulin production and can also block the receptors that are used to lower blood sugar levels.

You can begin to see why so many Americans are becoming diabetic. Eating too much starchy, sugary, mineral-deficient foods and a lack of enough exercise and water will almost guarantee type 2 diabetes.

Now that you know the causes of type 2 diabetes, are you willing to make the changes that are necessary to prevent or even reverse this dreaded condition? If you are willing and just need some help, please contact us at Herbs & More in Athens or NHC Herb Shop in Killen and we will give you some very impressive information that may set you free.
Your friend in health,
By: Roy P. Williams