Defining Moments

8-23-2015 1-00-19 PMCan you recall a moment in your life that brought a significant awareness, an inside shift, or a sense of direction? Or maybe a moment when you experienced confidence, peace of mind, or a sense of well being that was empowering rather than performing? Those are defining moments.

Within the past thirty days, I have had re-connections with four different individuals that have had a session with me and one of our horses here at CORRAL CONNECTIONS. Of the four, I had asked one of them if they would be willing to share their experience. As a pleasant surprise, the others came to me without my having to request. Each of these re-connects was a defining moment for me and I am grateful. These re-connects have refreshed my memory of what and why I do what I do.

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First of all, it’s not about riding; yet we ride. It’s not about session upon session, and you need to keep coming. One of my top priorities for someone who has scheduled a session at CORRAL CONNECTIONS is to experience a defining moment and go live your life. Out of the four people that I referred to earlier, three of them had only ONE session. Please allow me to share some of their defining moments.

I received a message on my Facebook account from a CORRAL CONNECTIONS person who had recently graduated from University in Canada, and was coming to Huntsville. Could we connect and could she see the horses was the request. I had met this young gal when she was eleven/twelve years old, living in Huntsville, and enjoyed time with her and our horses. When we got together, she shared with me these defining moments: (+) though I was young and you were an adult, you didn’t talk down to me or make me feel insignificant (+) I remember you telling me that when I was with horse Annie, my leadership needed to exceed her own or there was a possibility she would not listen to me; that I needed to “up” my leadership (I “remembered” this in college and applied this defining moment more than once as a student) (+) I remember coming out to the barn and reading on the white board “a new barn rule:” NOT ALLOWED IN DEB’S BARN (the spoken phrase) “I KNOW THAT” by the end of that session we were laughing so hard because I had caught myself several times. I had no idea how frequently I said those words. It was a defense for me that was rooted in a belief system held in place by shame. My identity was “in knowing” not “being”.

8-23-2015 1-00-49 PMTwo brothers from Ohio came to Alabama to spend some time with their grandfather and grandmother. The two boys came out for a session. A few weeks ago, they were watching a horse event on television that triggered a memory of the session here. I received a phone call. (+) though it’s been three years I “remember” that “enriching” moment with the horses (+) enjoyed connecting with the horses (+)became aware of how comfortable I was with horses (+) how the horse looked to me for leadership and trusted me was amazing (+) grooming the horse was one of my favorites (+)when we return to Alabama can we come again?

It had been four years since I have been in the presence of this businesswoman from St. Louis, MO. She remembered her one session and shared in an email ‘my defining moment with Deb Kitchenmaster and (horse) Ruhammah was leadership training, grief counseling, spiritual guidance and balance training cleverly disguised as a horse session! (+) I was surprised when Deb escorted me into the barn and expected me to choose my horse partner for the session (+) I was instructed to take on the energy of a leader and believe, when I did the horse let out a big sigh “he can relax now because a leader has arrived” (+) breathing exercise was a great exercise all by itself (my focus changed) (+) Deb was called to bring forth another level of leadership in me. Years later I am still amazed by all that was accomplished in the Round Pen (+) I sobbed, letting go of grief and limitations (+) I was humbled by the patience and honor of my horse partner (+) I saw the mutual respect between Deb and her horses (+) four days after my horse session I had the opportunity to jump out of an airplane and I DID!

Thank you Thea, Miles, Markus and Carrie for re-connecting! It blesses me to know that your moment was noteworthy, significant and essential to your journey.
Your “Neigh”bor,
Deb Kitchenmaster

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