D3 For You And Me

By: Roy Williams

It is that time of year. Colds, flus, allergies, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, more aches and pains and fevers begin to affect most of us. Some people call it the miserable time of year.

With winter rolling in, most of us will not be getting the sunshine that is necessary for our bodies to manufacture enough vitamin D. When we become deficient in vitamin D, we are much more susceptible to all the disorders mentioned above plus many more, and we are also making it much harder to manufacture strong bones and teeth.

Deficiency disorders are epidemic and in many cases, taking the proper supplements to help maintain health can be expensive and aggravating. Osteoarthritis is just one example. To support healthier joints, you would have to be willing to take glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, vitamin D, and some very good anti-inflammatories such as turmeric.

Such is not the case with vitamin D3. This amazing vitamin is commonly referred to as a hormone since practically every cell in your body has vitamin D receptors. When we do not get up to twenty minutes of direct sunlight each day we are totally dependent on getting it from our food; and with the way our foods are cooked and processed today, most Americans are terribly deficient.

Giving your body the right amount of vitamin D is as simple as taking one very small capsule daily, and the cost is practically insignificant. Just one capsule not only delivers 5000 micrograms of vitamin D, it also contains just the right amount of vitamin K, which is necessary to digest the vitamin D.

To make our Vitamin D-5000 even more effective, we also added some vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, boron, chromium, selenium, vanadium and strontium. This combination not only virtually guarantees that your vitamin D levels will be raised into the healthy range, it also feeds your bones, teeth, hair, skin, and nails plus helps your body maintain alkalinity.

Another advantage is that NEWtritional Health Care’s Vitamin D-5000 comes in a 200-day supply for only $20.00. In other words, you are talking about only 10 cents a day to make sure you are covering your vitamin D needs every day.

Another reason to consider taking a daily dose of vitamin D, is that over five types of cancer are now linked to low levels of vitamin D. With cancer running into the epidemic levels it only makes sense to take one of these small capsules every day.

Along with vitamin D, you should consider increasing your organic sulfur levels. Organic sulfur, or MSM, is the one product that I believe everyone should be on from birth to death. MSM with vitamin C and 5000 IU’s of vitamin D causes most people to feel 10 to 15 years younger in just three short weeks.

In three weeks almost, everyone reports less joint pain, improved digestion, softer skin, prettier nails and healthier hair. It has also been shown to reduce crow’s feet and wrinkles by as much as 50 percent. Often referred to as the beauty mineral, MSM is so safe that if a child ate the whole bottle you would not even have to take him or her to the doctor.

MSM along with vitamin C also allows your body to manufacture more cologne, which is the mineral that bounds all the cells of the body together. Over time your veins, arteries and capillaries will become more flexible reducing your risk of heart attack or stroke. It also lubricates your joints reducing the friction and, therefore, reducing the inflammation and pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Now that I am going into my 30th year of studying nutrition and formulating supplements, I can, without reservation, recommend that everyone take one 5000 microgram of vitamin D along with some MSM and vitamin C every day.

With winter on the way, why don’t you test what I am telling you. Start this plan now and watch, when everyone is trying to overcome the colds, flus, allergies, and the aches and pains associated with cold weather, you will still be going strong.

There is one last thing I would ask you to remember. Your body was designed by God with a powerful immune system. Your body knows exactly what to do when confronted with viruses, germs, and bacteria. It knows how to heal. The only thing it needs from you is the raw materials that it can use to fight infection, make repairs, and do the healing. Come by Herbs & More for more information.
Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams