Cursive Writing And Security, Is There A Link?

12-21-2013 9-45-09 AMWhy would this situation be a security concern?

The US ranks 20th in the world in reading.

The US ranks 29th in the world in math.

So why should we teach our children how to write their own name when they can print or TEXT?
How will a child learn when all they need to do is GOOGLE it on their SMARTPHONE?

12-21-2013 9-45-42 AM

What is happening to our society? What will happen when a child needs to read a letter written in CURSIVE? Will they have to bring it to a person over 30 to read it to them?

12-21-2013 9-45-53 AM

I have received text messages from savvy smart phone users and the new language or non-spelling has me confused. I don’t know what they are trying to say. OMG what am I to do. What if something serious has happened and I need to decipher what the person is texting me? I have witnessed situations that could have been disastrous, and I have witnessed one party say I sent a text about that problem. It seems that texting is the way of communication. To me it’s a way to hide from actually talking with a person face to face.

12-21-2013 9-45-25 AM

I run a security company and one of the most important functions of security is reporting a crime or other situations. This is usually done by writing a report, which is a legal document and can/has been used in court. On most job applications it will ask whether a person can read or write English. I believe that our young people are becoming so dependent on the hand held computers and smartphones that they have a hard time talking with people face to face and have completely lost control of reality.

12-21-2013 9-45-17 AMzEvery time I get behind the wheel of my car, I notice other people driving with the smartphone flat against their head or holding it while they converse with someone else. In addition, texting has not stopped while driving. Maybe this is the new way to communicate; LOL, cannot wait to see this class taught in our schools. Then again, BLING has been accepted as a word. I really need to understand why someone decided that we need a machine that can think for our children and if needed correct their gramma (oops, that is a Boston word) grammar. Now I have one more question: when are we going to get rid of our teachers and have our children taught by a DROID, or just look at their tablet and be taught by video in a virtual classroom?

It really scares me that our younger generation is living in a world controlled by computers and they won’t be able to write about it.

As always stay safe, don’t post your private information on Facebook, and have a great Holiday.
By: Jim Doyle Owner of Madison Security Group

12-21-2013 9-46-02 AM