Corona Virus

By: Roy Williams

We have been told that, sooner or later, a contagious disease will create health issues that could result in tens of thousands of deaths in the United States and millions around the world. If history is any indication, all one has to do is go back to the Spanish flu of 1918. The virus infected 500 million world wide and killed an estimated 20 million to 50 million people.

Over the last few weeks the Coronavirus has become one of the top news stories and panic has set in. A reported 5 million people had already traveled from Wuhan China, where the infection began.

The World Health Organization declared the virus an international emergency because the outbreak spread well beyond China. The number of confirmed global cases jumps every day. The virus has already led to 1000s of deaths worldwide.

The flu puts several hundred thousand people in the hospital every year and can result in up to 50,000 deaths. Certain groups of people are in more danger than others, such as those with underlying medical conditions, the elderly, the very young, and those who take drugs to suppress their immune system.

Dr. Michael Jhung, a flu expert at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expresses concern for anyone with a weak immune system. Because the Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, anyone who has emphysema, COPD, asthma, or any disorder of the respiratory system should be concerned.

Almost all news outlets are interviewing the experts including medical doctors; nurses; heads of the CDC, WHO, FDA; and others about what we should do to protect ourselves and they all agree. Everyone should wash their hands more, use sanitizing lotions, and sprays and wear mask.

Is That All They Have?

Aren’t we the nation with the best health care system in the world? Don’t we have the best health education the world has ever known? Isn’t it true that we have the best medicine to fight against disease?

If you believe all that, then why is hand washing, not touching your face, using sanitizing lotion, and wearing masks all they have to offer? Name one disease they have cured in the last 60 years. Show me a disease that is decreasing in numbers and a great reduction in death rates among those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Our system is failing and what does Congress do? They decide to have the taxpayers cough up another 8.2 billion dollars to fight the Corona virus. You have any idea who gets that money? It’s the CDC, WHO, FDA, and the pharmaceutical industry. Our politicians believe that they should never let a disaster go to waste even if they have to scare the people into submission by blowing this whole thing out of proportion. Talk about fake news.

Real, Useful Suggestions

If you wish to get serious about protecting yourself and those you love from the Corona or any other virus, consider following the simple instructions listed below. Now, I am not making any claims, but I believe you are at least 1000 times more likely to get through this so-called pandemic with little to no symptoms, and I personally guarantee better results than covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough, washing your hands, or wearing a mask.

Remember, the ones who are dying from the Corona virus are those who already have health issues, especially those on immune suppressant drugs, the very young, and the elderly. Some experts tell us that your odds of surviving if you are dehydrated decrease substantially.

This is a list of what I believe everyone should do to protect against all viruses:

No matter your age, drinking at least one-half your body weight in ounces of water every day will all but guarantee that you will stay hydrated. I believe distilled water with one teaspoon of Humic/Fulvic minerals added is the very best water to drink.
Fire up your immune system by taking IS-3 (stands for Immune Support 3). Your immune system is your best defense against all infectious disease and even cancer. IS-3 is an immune supercharger, which will improve microphage (white blood cell) production and killer T-cell activity.

Suggested usage for those with no symptoms: Take 2 IS-3 first thing each morning with 8 ounces of water and wait one hour before eating or taking other supplements. Take 2 more at bedtime with 8 ounces of water.

Here are some products to consider if you suspect exposure or if you begin having symptoms. Take Elderberry Syrup, capsules, gummies or lozenges. Elderberry has been used for years to stop virus proliferation. Other considerations — Humic minerals, mentioned above, andrographis, and red ginseng are all recognized antivirals.

To learn more, go by Herbs & More in Athens or NHC Herb Shop in Killen and ask for more information on how to fight back against the Corona virus.
Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams