Corona Moments Or Crowning Moments? Part 3

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

It is now six weeks since the “COVID Capers” commenced, and there continue to be numerous stories of people either acting like an insidious virus or wearing their crowns with confidence. In between the “Two Cs,” there are unsung heroes by the millions, folks who are under tremendous financial pressure but sucking it up and spending time educating their innocent children. I spoke with a medical professional today who barely let it out that he was pretty worn out but was quick to say he was fine. The medical first responders continue to amaze, and politics continues to be, well politics. Let’s get the coronas out of the way, and then celebrate those whose behavior causes them to be kings and queens in our midst.

In order to understand the hypocrisy behind the accusation of “coronas,” one has to understand the crowned ones have dug deep in order to give back when they didn’t have to. Connecticut billionaire Ray Dalio and his wife Barbara have given $4 million to support hospital workers during COVID. This is going toward paying for day care for their children, medical protective equipment, as well as to feed the hungry. By contrast, former Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist as well as a multi-millionaire, said in September of 2019 that, “There should be no billionaires. We are going to tax their extreme wealth and invest in working people.” So, logic would demand that one ask the following question of the Bernie Boy: “Buddy, if you had been able to have YOUR way, how many people would now be dead, or at the very least, hungry? And, oh, by the way, what portion of your millions are YOU giving away to help?” I think that Bernie’s desire to control appropriately qualifies for this edition’s “Corona Moment.” Oh, just for grins, let’s also include the California mayor who posted that President Trump and any of his supporters are essentially members of the KKK, whose “masks” can function as something that can do double duty in the fight against COVID. Now, to be fair, former mayor of Auburn, California, Bill Kirby’s exact words were, “Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks.” Then he used a picture of Klan members in full-hooded regalia to illustrate his point. That’s a wrap on the Coronas, so let’s move on to the Crowning Moments.

There are too many to count, but my current fave is a 16-year-old kid by the name of TJ Kim. TJ is flying medical supplies to rural hospitals in his home state of Virginia while he is on “lockdown.” He can’t play lacrosse, he can’t go to school, he can’t even drive anywhere, but he is logging hours with his flight instructor, and together they are gettin’ ‘er done. Here are TJ’s own words about why he’s doing what he’s doing: “They kind of conveyed to me that they were really forgotten about. Everyone was wanting to send donations to big city hospitals. Every hospital is hurting for supplies, but it’s the rural hospitals that really feel forgotten.” TJ’s name for his delivery service is Operation SOS, or Supplies Over Skies, and I think we can add him to our list of heroes.
The ads on TV are dear, Publix is hiring, Facebook is brimming with beauty for once, and maybe this will be the last in our series. If not, we’ll surely have more good news, and I’ll be happy to tell it. See you in two weeks! Until then, stay well and love your peeps.