Cooking With Shelley – Sweet Potato Heaven

10-17-2014 2-56-15 PMSeveral weeks back, just as the cool weather was setting in, I popped in at my mother’s house for a surprise visit. She was not surprised, but I on the other hand was blown away. It smelled just like a bakery!

Sweet potato and banana nut bread were cooling on the bar, and the timer for the bread pudding was buzzing away. As I sat amongst the aromas, mother told me stories of how my grandmother referred to sweet potato bread as sweet potato pone. Keep your eyes out for some more homemade recipes from the heart–all made in my grandmother’s kitchen.

In the next few issues, I will share these recipes with you. I myself will add the sweet potato bread to my holiday menu. Remember to grab someone and make a memory in the kitchen. You will not regret it! You can email your questions and recipes to

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