Cooking With Shelley – Mile High Cornbread

1-22-2016 10-46-26 AMEver make a mistake and have it turn out to be in your favor? Well… that’s what happened to me!

Recently I mistakenly grabbed a Jiffy Lemon cake mix for a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix! I poured two boxes of corn muffin mix and a lemon cake mix into my mixer, added the ingredients times three on the corn muffin mix box…and let-err RIP!

As it baked, it filled the house with a lemony aroma. At the same time my family and I were having a debate on just how high this corn bread was gonna rise. I had even used my new red casserole dish and wondered if that could have added to its height.

Finally, I checked the boxes and to my surprise, yes lemon cake mix. We didn’t know if we should eat it as dessert or what…I think we did a little of both. Try it, it was great…I plan to make it again. Shelley Underhill

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