Cooking with Anna – Brussels Sprouts: No, Really, They’re Good!

If I were to interview a group of people about which vegetable they hated, I’m betting a large percentage would say that vegetable is Brussels sprouts. If you are in that group of haters, I’m here to tell you that you are missing out! Brussels sprouts can be delicious.

The Brussels sprouts most of us grew up with were boiled to death in water. They were soggy, lacked flavor, and frankly didn’t smell very good while they cooked on the stove. We would roll them around on our plates, hoping our mothers wouldn’t notice that they were still on our plates. Some of us would try and sneak them to the dog under the table, without much luck.
I’m here to tell you to give the humble Brussels sprout another try. This time let’s roast them in the oven and get them crisp, brown, and delicious. The combination of Brussels sprouts and butternut squash makes for the perfect side dish for fall. Once roasted, feel free to add the optional toppings to customize this dish for your family’s taste. Embrace the humble Brussels sprout! Happy fall y’all!

By: Anna Hamilton