Complete Property Maintenance: Treating Your Property As Though It’s Theirs

8-2-2013 2-09-57 PMAdam Clinard, owner of Complete Property Maintenance, LLC, found himself in a position that many professionals have shared as a result of the Great Recession: unemployed after many years in a successful career, and starting over in a completely unrelated field.

Adam was trained in drafting, having earned his certificate at Limestone County Career Technical Center, and studied at Calhoun. He specialized in transportation project drafting, but did all kinds, residential and commercial. He drew highways, helped with planning interstate construction, as well as put together bids. He also drafted plumbing projects, and all in all spent 15 years in a field that he loved, and in which he thought he’d always stay.

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“It was Kim’s (his wife’s) idea for me to start my own business. She had a good job on the Arsenal, and this was the best time to make that move and get going.” So, what did they decide? “Well, Kim knows how much I love to take care of property and do landscaping, so I took my tax return and bought a mower and a weed eater. I didn’t go into debt,” he added, which was something very important to him.

Adam got his licenses and insurance, “put out his shingle,” and he was off and running. Complete Property Maintenance does just that: they take care of residential and commercial properties, do lawns and gardens, prepare properties for auction, deal with foreclosures, help realtors prepare properties for open houses, clean interiors and exteriors, and anything else you could need. They will do pressure washing, and if their clients are concerned with the use of bleach, will use just water or a combination of water and vinegar. “Property preservation is something I really enjoy,” Adam told me.

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During the summer, most of their client base has been residential, and has centered around lawn and garden care. They also take care of pools, will get all kinds of swimming pools ready for the spring and summer, and button them up for winter. They will trim low lying tree limbs, and promise, “We will find out client needs, and take care of them.” He gave me an example of what he meant by that. “When I was taught how to use a weed eater as a young man, I always made sure that the edges were cut real close to the ground, and that was the only way to do a good job. Turns out, some people don’t like that look, and so we will make sure that the weed eating is exactly the way they want it, at the level they want it.”

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Adam has been busy all summer, and at times has a crew of six in order to meet the demand for the services of Complete Property Management. He is in the process of getting contracts organized for the fall, and is hoping to increase their janitorial and commercial cleaning accounts. One of the benefits of using Adam’s services is convenience. “When we take care of every aspect of a property, it is only necessary to write one check, and we are the one contact they need to have. We also give discounts for ‘bundling.’”

8-2-2013 2-10-49 PMSummer time proves that there are a number of services in our area that do a decent job with lawns and gardens, and because of that focus, they are seasonal. The great difference is a total property maintenance company that works year round. But there is something else that is also very important, and that is the working philosophy of the company you hire. I asked Adam why, when there are many companies from which to choose, should I let Complete Property Maintenance take care of my lawn, garden, pool, home or office. His reply was something that I think most property or business owners would find comforting: “I try to treat everybody’s house the way I would treat my own, how I would want to be treated.” Another thing that is important to Adam is not hurrying through his work. “I do not rush through the job,” he says, “and always try to find a way to do something a little extra, like trim trees.” How do I know that Total Property Maintenance is a good choice for all your property needs? Because Adam is my neighbor, I’ve seen his work, and he and his family have been nothing but a blessing to me and mine. So, it is my joy to recommend Complete Property Maintenance, and I hope you’ll let Adam take care of all your property needs.

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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner