Comfort Touch Massage Therapy: Strong Hands And A Soft Heart In A Country Setting

Comfort Touch MassageCertified Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist Susie Adams is a remarkable woman by any stretch. She has given birth to nine children and has buried two. She is passionate about her faith in Christ and building the Kingdom, but her quirky humor and engaging transparency is anything but stuffy and can disarm just about anyone. She is tough and generous, has the strength it takes to really work out the kinks and knots out of your body, and if you let her, your soul and spirit.

We first met at a book signing, then again in the parking lot of the Huntsville Costco, where I had just successfully lost my car keys. There she was, my hilarious angel, coming to my rescue in a moment of true need. She took me first to her Huntsville clinic where she had an appointment with a client, and then she took me home. She and her husband, Richard, own a property management business, and in addition to taking care of folks in Limestone County, Susie also has a massage clinic in one of the “shotgun houses” in urban HSV.

For those who are in Athens, going to Susie’s Tanner clinic means “being treated to being treated” in an old two story farmhouse which was built in the 1890s, boasts high ceilings, many rooms, and has the type of deep claw foot bathtub in which I used to soak as a kid. Adding to the ambience at the time of my most recent appointment was the smell of Richard’s cooking, and I felt at home and safe.

Susie’s approach to massage is a delightful blend of professionalism, respect, modesty, and always, humor that at times brings everything to a crashing halt. But, seeing as Proverbs describes laughter as having medicinal properties, you won’t hear me complaining any time soon.

I have a pretty high pain threshold and typically tell most female massage therapists that “I’ll do my labor breathing before I tell you to lighten up.” Well, Miss Susie took me to exactly the “hurt so good” place, and I didn’t even know I needed it. I never wanted to leave, the sign of a truly extraordinary massage, but she lovingly kicked me out in order to take care of her next client.

Comfort Touch MassageThe Adamses moved here from Hollister, California, which is where in 1998 Susie first got her training and started her practice. While still in California, she completed 2 years training with a naturopath who taught her the role of herbs in healing, and also completed her cranial work studies in Phoenix prior to coming to Tanner. When they first moved here, she worked at Dan Tera Day Spa in Athens, and for over two years was their only certified massage therapist.

Richard had a successful career as a teacher and high school football coach, and made a huge career change by starting the property management business with which Susie helps as well. She took additional training in Fort Lauderdale, and is certified in a number of modalities, including Manual Lymph Drainage, (Vodder Technique,) and Decongestive Therapy. She has also demonstrated “competency [in] the application of multi-layered compression bandages for lymphedema,” according to one of her many certificates.

Comfort Touch MassageIn 2007, Susie was awarded 22 Continuing Education Hours here in Huntsville by the Massage Education & Development Guild for completing a course entitled Massage for People Living With Cancer. The course is described as being one “that instructs massage therapists in giving comfort-oriented relaxation massage.” Touch is always an important part of healing, and cancer patients in particular need a skilled and tender hand in helping them deal with the disease.

Susie is also certified by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association as a detox specialist, having worked in that field at the Neely Center in Madison, and does facial massage in conjunction with aromatherapy.

Susie has a passion for making pregnancy and delivery as pleasant as possible, especially for first time mothers, and is seriously considering taking training in order to become a doula, or certified birthing assistant. I think the combination of all her experience giving birth herself, as well as all her complementary training and certifications would make her an excellent candidate, and I hope she does it.

Comfort Touch MassageWhen and if she begins her doula studies, I have no doubt she’ll approach that discipline with the same level of passion and professionalism that she literally “brings to the table,” and would highly recommend that you take advantage of her expertise by calling her at 256-874-2856 for an appointment that truly will bring you the Comfort Touch.

Susie Adams/ The Comfort Touch
3905 Hill Crest Ct
Huntsville, AL
12156 Railroad Av
Tanner AL
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner