Come Celebrate Life With The Robertsons

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On August 29th at 5 pm in the Limestone County Event Center, fans of Duck Dynasty and supporters of the pre-born alike are in for a real treat. Alan (the “un-bearded” oldest brother of the brood), along with his wife Lisa, will be the guest speakers at a gala fund raising event to help the Women’s Resource Center expand its services and find a larger location. The Women’s Resource Center is the new name for the crisis pregnancy center long located on Marion St, and is a part of the national right-to-life organization known as Care-Net.

Alan and Lisa have recently published a book called A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story Of Brokenness And Redemption. Here is what Lisa andAlan have to say about their story, which includes a crisis pregnancy:

Lisa: “I thought it was important to include because there are people out there who this has happened to…I had one girl tell me she has cried herself to sleep just about every night for the last 25 years after having an abortion, and nobody else knows about it. She regretted it all this time, but she just can’t seem to find a place of healing from it. So I thought it was a very unique thing for somebody who is in our position to say, ‘Look, I did this. And you can find healing and comfort from Jesus in it.’”
Alan: “We wanted to write our story, and [my past] has everything to do with our story. We just wanted to put it out there — the good, the bad, the ugly, but also what God has healed us from and brought us through.”

“Finding a place of healing” is exactly what the Women’s Resource Center is all about whether you, a friend, or a family member have had an abortion. Or, you are currently in a crisis pregnancy, the Center will show you what kinds of positive, life-affirming and life-protecting options are available for you and your baby.
It has been my experience that crisis pregnancy centers always have a staff, (whether paid or volunteer) which has an unusually high level of compassion. That is certainly the case with the Director, Amy Wright, as well as the Client Advocate, Angie Williams.

While interviewing Amy, I asked her point blank if she had an abortion story, knowing that in the crisis pregnancy culture, this is not at all considered to be “none of anyone’s business.” “No,” she told me, and added, “but there was a time when I was not walking in the path God had for me, and I know what it is like to feel lost.”

She then told me a story that so perfectly illustrates the positive effect our particular center has had in our community. A young woman came into the Center when it first opened, and she was pregnant. Because of the loving, non-judgmental care she received, she chose to let her baby live, and gave her baby girl up for adoption. That child has gone on to be an American Idol contestant, and will be performing at the gala.

The food for the gala will be catered by Zeke’s of Ardmore. The tables will feature linen cloths and will be beautifully set with six people to each table, making for an upscale theatre/dinner atmosphere. Already there have been several sponsored tables purchased for $400, and individual tickets are $50. Happily, because of the support already given by our community for the cost of the event, all ticket proceeds will go toward “birthing” the dreams of the Women’s Resource Center.

The Center has several needs that they hope will be met as a result of the gala and the live auction. To begin with, they are out of room. They have been at their same location for 15 years, and have outgrown it. They now have an ultrasound machine, which greatly increases the chance of the expectant mom choosing to let her baby live, and they need to get a second one. They also need to put a nurse on paid staff to administer the ultrasounds. (In our state, this job cannot be done by an ultrasound technician.)

Amy reminded me that every “life has a potential and a future,” and if you want to be a part of a fun, inspirational, and worthy “night out on the town,” please come to Celebrating Life on August 29th.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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