Color Your World – Special Feature

It’s hard to have a bad day when you are walking
around in summer’s cheerful colors, so start smiling because color blocking is BIG this year in fashion. Wonderful color combinations were all over NY fashion week on the runways. What is color blocking? It’s a styling technique of mixing and matching colors that your Mom would probably call “clashing” colors. If there’s ever been a great time to wear loud bursts of color, it’s now.

Forget the old rules – you can SO wear red and pink together! The trick is to pair neighboring hues on the color wheel such as yellow-orange, purplepink or blue-green. Now draw a straight line across the color wheel from one of your selected colors to the opposite side of the wheel. Voila – the perfect accent color! Adding it to your ensemble is as easy as grabbing a colorful accessory like jewelry or a belt. Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor and stick to 3 colors max to avoid the “Rainbow Brite” look!

Feeling adventurous? Try matching up more vibrant, but still-complimentary colors, such as the orange, turquoise and white necklace pictured below. Go for contrasting shades such as bold, primary colors – opposites attract, after all. For a more subdued look, pair like-colors such as purple/blue or pink/red that complement each other. For a true color blocking impact, leave the leopard spots and other prints home – solids only.

With all that color, the best choice for shoes would be a nude color or other neutral. Nude shoes are one of the hottest shoe trends right now and are a perfect finish to your color-blocking not to mention they make your legs look longer- woo-hoo!

A little shy about colorblocking your clothes? Try it in your jewelry, such as Guy & Eva’s trendy color-combos. Bright, colorful jewelry is the perfect finish to pull ALL of your fabulous summer looks together! Pam Hartmann is a Style Advisor for Guy & Eva Jewelry and has recently been trained through their new Style Academy. Attend a Guy and Eva Style Session to get the latest fashion tips, learn the best-styling for your body-type, face shape and coloring. To find out more about scheduling a session with your friends and earning free jewelry, contact Pam at 256-729- 1160 or email her at guyandeva.pamh@yahoo. com. Her website is