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11-6-2015 10-15-49 AMThe end of the year is approaching quickly. Thoughts will move toward roasting turkeys, Christmas shopping, family gatherings, and last minute tax deductions. Yes, it’s sad but true. Thoughts of red ribbons will be mixed with red ink and red tape!

If you are searching for a deserving organization to give a tax-deductible donation, Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful offers more than one way to do that.

A Little About Us
Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful has been in existence since 1977. A great deal of changes have taken place in the appearance and the mindset of this community since then. Litter, although still present, has decreased considerably just since I came to this organization in 1999. Volunteer hours have vastly increased as well, reflecting a change in attitudes regarding our local environment. Green space and landscaping have improved in many areas, thanks to our Athens-Limestone Beautification Board and private and public improvements.

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Our organization has helped shape these changes through environmental education in our city, county, and private schools, as well as programs such as Adopt-A-Spot, the Elk River Canoe & Kayak Trail Cleanup, Clean and Green Fiddlers Convention, and the Earth Day & Outdoor EXPO. Written articles and social media are used heavily to get the message regarding responsible care of our local environment out to the public.

The first rule of donations is to make sure the organization to which you are donating is reputable. Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful stands on its reputation in this community for many years. Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

Financial Donations
Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful works with a very tight budget yet continues to provide services and programs throughout the year. Although appropriations are received from the City of Athens and Limestone County Commission, a huge portion of our budget must be raised through fundraisers, memberships, and donations. We count on financial gifts from supporters to fill that financial gap.
Check with your employer to see if they have a program that will match your donation.
We accept donations in many forms, and we’ve made the process even more convenient by adding the option of making a donation online. Visit our website and you will find this option under the Donate tab.

Gifts for the Future
A bequest is one of the simplest ways to support Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful. If you’d like to help ensure that future generations will be taught to love this community through caring for the local environment, then your bequest would serve that desire well.

You can provide now for a future gift to Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful by including a bequest provision in your will.

Vehicle Donation
KALB also participates in the Cars to Donate program through Keep America Beautiful. If you have a car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, farm equipment, or other vehicle (running or not) that you would like taken away with one phone call, we can help!

Call 855-426-2427, answer a few questions, and designate Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful as your local affiliate of choice who will share in the profits once the vehicle is sold. A receipt will be provided so you may claim your donation as an income tax deduction.

For more information on this program, visit our website at and you will find this option under the Donate tab.
Thanks for considering Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful when making your charitable contributions. We promise to be good stewards.
By: Lynne Hart

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