Clean & Green – It’s All About Education

10-17-2015 9-38-27 AMThe staff and volunteers of KALB have just finished a very busy time — fundraising season. We appreciate all who participated in our Duck and Run 5K and the Wacky Quacky Ducky Derby to help us raise funds. The income from these events allow us to continue our education objectives throughout the year.

Every project we lead, every program we make available, and every community effort we get involved in is for the purpose of education. We have the most fun engaging children in critical thinking and getting them excited about learning.

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When we give away tree seedlings, it is a perfect opportunity to share why trees are so very important to every living thing on this planet. Our Talking Tree loves to visit the youngest students, sharing with them all the things that she and her tree friends do for this planet.

When we gather volunteers to clean up the Elk River Canoe & Kayak Trail, we share information on why we should care about the cleanliness of our waterways. The majority of trash in our river starts out on land miles away from the rivers and streams and the action or inaction of people is the cause.

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Our mascot, Sparky, shares his love of cleanliness and litter-free communities with young students. Children are invited to become Student Litter Patrol Officers and are sworn in and given ID cards. Similar programs are available to older students, minus the mascot.

Our Recycling Center is prepared to accommodate student and adult groups who would like to tour the facility. With a brand new gathering room, information sharing will be greatly enhanced.
When we spend hours on end planning for our Earth Day & Outdoor EXPO, it is to give students and adults opportunities for hands-on activities that will bring them a better understanding of human impact on our natural world. Last spring, we developed a program for the classroom that was an introduction to Earth Day. Programs included Land Formations, Products from Recycling, Geological Features, and Food Chains and Webs. Students also had an opportunity to create recycled invitations to the Earth Day & Outdoor EXPO to give to family and friends.

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Our community garden at the Farmer’s Market became a great learning experience this summer as we teamed up with the Truancy Intervention Program and Athens State University. Students and parents who were ordered to do community service helped water, weed, and cultivate the gardens as well as build raised beds and wash market stalls. A representative from Water Wheels brought a travelling classroom and shared information about rain barrels and water conservation.

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In November, we will have another opportunity to educate. Every year, KALB staff members join the 4-H Agent Assistant responsible for Youth Development in Limestone County. KALB staff members and volunteers will attend all 5th and 6th grade 4-H club meetings as the guest presenter. Recycling will be the topic, bringing attention to the fact that November 15th is America Recycles Day.
KALB welcomes requests for adult or student presentations. We have programs appropriate for pre-school students through adult. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss available programs.
By: Lynne Hart

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