Chris Seibert For State Senate, District One


I first met Chris Seibert when he was running for City Councilman in 2012. As is always true when a political advertorial is being conducted, I had to take his word for it that the things he said about himself were true. He was elected and since that time, through no effort on his part to prove anything to anyone, other people have validated him as a hard worker with good business sense. That is a type of political capital that cannot be bought, and should prove helpful as he contends for the State Senate slot in June’s primary. As was the case when he ran for City Council, Chris and his wife Tiffany sought counsel and prayed. When it became known last August that our area was being geographically reorganized in regard to the State Senate seat, Chris announced his candidacy as a Republican. “Why are you running?” I asked. Without a moment’s hesitation he told me, “I grew up with the idea that public service was part of life, and I feel called to it.”

For those that are not aware, the new State Senate seat now includes northern parts of Lauderdale, Limestone and Madison counties as its boundaries. At present there is a Republican majority in the Senate, with 11 of the 35 seats occupied by Democrats. One of the problems that Chris wants to tackle is getting better alignment between decision makers, municipal infrastructure, and businesses who are interested in either building in or relocating to North Alabama. Chris was one of those who worked on hammering out the deal that brought the Remington Company to our area, and wants to help Lauderdale County successfully enter a similar type of partnership with other potentially interested corporations.
Below is a brief bio on Chris, followed by his statements as to why he feels he is the best man for the job.

Chris served our country for 7 ½ years as an Air Force officer. His MOS, or job description, was logistics. Having lived in a combat zone, and observing first hand just what a daunting task it is to get everything from soap to Stinger missiles in country, I have great respect for his experience. His area of expertise was transportation, and prior to his commissioning as an officer, he played football for the University of Alabama, majoring in history and minoring in business. He attended ‘Bama on a ROTC scholarship, and got his MBA from USA in Mobile.

He was serving in the Azores during 9/11, and after getting out in ’05 with the rank of Captain, parlayed all of his experience from his years in college and overseas into becoming a successful regional medical device rep. He has since been promoted to a Regional Director and is responsible for sales as well as guiding the guys who are members of his team, and he teaches doctors how to successfully use robotic cardiac ablation catheters. His company, Stereotaxis (pronounced like taxes), is solidly behind his choice to run for the Senate seat.

His wife’s name is Tiffany. They met as kids, dated in high school and now have two boys; Brock and Ben. Tiffany has been active as a wife and mom, as well as in the community as part of the Library Foundation, the Athena League, and the Athens-Limestone Hospital Foundation. She is also an entrepreneur; in 2013, she opened up Snapdragon Kids, a children’s clothing store located at 113 W. Washington St in Athens.

Chris spends his spare time coaching baseball and soccer while he mentors his sons into what he hopes are the future leaders of Athens through athletics. He is a Sunday school teacher at 1st United Methodist, is a member of Rotary, and the Habitat for Humanity Board. The Seibert family lives in the Historical District of Athens, and as I sat in a rocker on the front porch for this interview, I watched as folks waved, stopped their cars, asked for yard signs and promised Chris their vote. It was refreshing, and a throwback to a simpler time and place.

If you were to ask Chris why you should vote for him, here’s what he would say:
• He has proven himself to be a moral and ethical man.
• He has considerable leadership skills, many of which were gained at a young age. These range from being Captain of his high school football team, playing football for Alabama, to his military career where as a young man of 21 he was in charge of anywhere from 7 to 70 guys. In addition, he has learned much in his current career where he handles medical equipment sales and mentors reps from Florida to the West Coast.
• He has extensive business experience as it pertains to both the public and private sector. In the military, he learned how to budget, on the City Council he has learned how to run government well, and as someone who has been a part of three startups (all of which are still running), he has learned how to make a business thrive.
If these are qualities you are looking for in a State Senator, then Chris Seibert would ask you to cast your vote for him at the Primary on June 3rd.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner