Chris Seibert For Alabama State House, District 5: Planting The Seeds For a Brighter Future

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Athens City Councilman Chris Seibert has “set his cap” for becoming our District 5 Representative in the Alabama State House. During his life (as well as his career), Chris has worn several “caps”: football helmet for the University of Alabama while playing for Gene Stallings, officer in the United States Air Force, husband, dad, youth athletic coach, Sunday School teacher, and is the son of two school teachers. His dad has been a lifelong public servant, and Chris has followed in his footsteps. Chris also has a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, having been involved in the start-up of four businesses, one of which is international. He and his dad, Dave, helped Chris’s wife, Tiffany, restore the building on Washington Street that houses her business, Snapdragon Kids. He has renovated houses in the Athens area in order to provide decent private sector housing for its citizens.

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He has coached the teams of his sons, Brock and Ben, in soccer, basketball and baseball. He received a Bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Alabama, and a Master’s in Business from the University of South Alabama. He served our country overseas in the Azore Islands near Portugal during the uncertain time surrounding the attacks on our country on 9/11. He has been responsible for managing everything from Air Force logistics to a medical equipment sales team whose reps’ territory took up approximately half of the United States.

Chris describes himself as a “conservative reformer.” Like most Athenians, he is not a fan of tax increases, and as City Councilman has never voted for a tax increase. However, he pointed out something to me about which I have never thought, and that is this: “It is the responsibility of representatives to put the choice to increase taxes to the people, and the responsibility of the military to uphold voting for that choice.” That is a “whole different smoke” from having taxes thrust upon the people without them having the chance to have a say in the matter. “I understand why people don’t like tax increases,” he said. “I don’t like them, either, but I will make sure that I do all I can to give them a choice in the matter,” he told me.

9-18-2015 2-23-48 PMOne of the things about which he is the most proud is the fact that thousands of jobs have been created on his watch, and millions of dollars have been won for Athens/Limestone County that have gone toward improving our roads.

“As a member of Athens City Council, Chris helped Limestone County receive $9.2 million in new funding to build and maintain our roads, helping Athens achieve its ranking as the #3 Business Friendly City in Alabama.”

“Currently, there is nothing more important for our area than to create jobs,” he told me. “It is what I hear about being the greatest concern amongst citizens, and that’s everywhere I go.” As someone who has been on the ground level of forming four businesses, he knows how important it is to not only create jobs, but provide an atmosphere where the infrastructure is such that jobs are sustainable.

One of the things that constitutes “sustainable” is seeing to it that our state budget is balanced (which is required by law) and educational levels of our students are not only maintained, but responsibly increased. Both of his parents are former school teachers, as was Tiffany, his wife of 17 years. However, he has no interest in just throwing money at the educational system. As a business man, and a USAF officer who had to continually be cognizant of the need to distribute the taxpayers’ dollars in an equitable, accountable manner, he wants to see a return on our investment, as well as his own. He knows that our kids are the key to our future, and if they are not educated well, they will not be able to be a part of what makes us competitive on every front.
“Chris is an experienced public and private sector leader with the courage, commitment and proven record to create new jobs, invest in education, and make sure our families and our future come first.”

What does he mean by that? “I believe in serving the people and making sure Limestone County continues to receive jobs, economic development and that we receive our fair share from Montgomery. Limestone County is a great place for families to call home and I want to make sure that we have the resources to build new roads and infrastructure, support our law enforcements, and preserve our conservative values. Our state is at a crossroads and I feel that my business experience and service to my country has prepared me for this opportunity. Now more than ever it is time to cut the wasteful spending and do more with less. As the father of two small boys I know firsthand what is at stake, the future of Alabama is happening now.”
If Chris Seibert sounds like the kind of man you would like to see represent the 5th District, he would appreciate your vote for him on September 29th.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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