Choose Chris Seibert To Represent District 5 In The Alabama State House

11-6-2015 9-35-47 AM

On Tue, December 8, 2015, local Republican voters from the 5th District in North Alabama will be casting votes in a special run-off election. The purpose of the December election is to determine the candidate from their party for the final election in February of 2016. Athens City Councilman Chris Seibert is running for the 5th District House seat, and he would like your vote.

Why should you give him your vote? As I sat on his front porch, and asked him about his record, his plans, and his goals, here is some of what he told me:

“During the time I have been a member of the Athens City Council, we have achieved the strongest record of creating jobs—5,000 new ones, to be specific, and that is something I am very proud of.”

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He also added,

“I am fiscally conservative, and always have been. The Athens City Council has operated that way, too, and we have ended every year with a balanced budget as well as a surplus. We were able to buy fire trucks, police cars, put in sidewalks and purchase equipment that has bridged some technological gaps.”

He talked about some things about District 5 and Limestone County that are unique. First of all, we are the smallest county in the State of Alabama, and through the years, we literally have gotten chopped up through redistricting. At times, this has made us the “red headed stepchild” when it comes to appropriations, something that troubles many. If elected, Chris would be the only District 5 legislative representative who actually lives in Limestone County, and as someone who is also a local business owner, he would fight to protect our District from encroachment or neglect, whatever its current source. Keeping our local “sovereignty” is one of the ways that he can help us from Montgomery to get what should rightfully go to our area.

“We need a voice that can speak up from the standpoint of living here and dealing with the result of decisions made at the State level.”

It is interesting to note that Chris is in the lead in the race, and his opponent has spent nearly twice as much to get elected. “It says something when you’ve been outspent and are still ahead,” he said. He has said that he and his family have been encouraged by the outpouring of support that came in the wake of the smear tactics used in the September 29th primary.

“People know me, and they know that stuff is not true,” he said. While it’s aggravating to be “attacked-by-PACs,” he has taken it in stride. We both talked about the fact that most often the loudest detractors are also ones who have no actual helpful ideas of their own, and are not themselves out in the community for the purpose of building it. So, I asked, “Why do you take it, and why are you running?”

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The long version of his answer is below, and taken from his website:

“After talking to Tiffany and my family I came to the decision to run because I want Limestone County to continue moving forward and to have the representation it deserves. I believe in serving the people and making sure Limestone County continues to receive jobs, economic development and that we receive our fair share from Montgomery. Limestone County is a great place for families to call home and I want to make sure that we have the resources to build new roads and infrastructure, support our law enforcements, and preserve our conservative values. Our state is at a crossroads and I feel that my business experience and service to my country has prepared me for this opportunity. Now more than ever it is time to cut the wasteful spending and do more with less. As the father of two small boys I know firsthand what is at stake, the future of Alabama is happening now.”

The short answer is found in the life of the guy who loves his family, will crawl under his own house to fix a leak so he can “save 750 dollars,” coaches his boys’ sports teams, teaches Sunday School, played football for ‘Bama, and was given the Officer of the Year award by his unit while serving overseas: “This is my home, and I want to make a difference.”

This is Chris Seibert, and he would appreciate your vote on December 8th.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner