“Cars Found With Dogs In Them With The Windows Up And The Engine Not Running With AC, Get A Free Broken Window”

6-7-2013 2-03-02 PMI have witnessed dogs in hot cars in the parking lot of a shopping center, barking and looking desperate. I believe the people who do this should be made to sit inside a hot car with the windows up, in a full set of sweats with no AC running to see how they like it. Let the punishment fit the crime. Here is something else, the other day I was sitting at the Pet Depot and a customer came in commenting about a bumper sticker out there, “Cars found with dogs in them with the windows up and the engine not running with AC, get a free broken window.” I found that humorous and serious at the same time. Now, please note, I did not say you should go around obeying the bumper sticker, but if you happen upon a car with a dog in it and the windows up with no AC running, you should do the right thing and call the authorities.

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Every dog should have shade and plenty of fresh water to beat the heat if you keep them outside. Here are some additional things you can do. Place a doggie door in your home to let them get into the house, out of the heat. See that there is plenty of shade where they are staying. Have someone check on them occasionally when you know you will be gone long hours. Additionally, you can always set up a misting system like you see at the produce sections in stores, for cooling your Canine Family Member while they out in their temporary living area when you are away.

6-7-2013 2-04-01 PMIf your dog should overheat, here are some tips to assist you in cooling them down. Keep in mind before you do anything that you should never pour cold water over the head of any dog when they are overheated. You can cause them to have a stroke. Move them to a shaded area or take them inside where it is cool. Turn a fan toward them and keep them relaxed by talking to them. Remember, the more excited you get, the worse you can make it on your dog. If you have ice packs on hand or can fill zip lock baggies with ice, place a pack under your dog’s neck, one behind their neck, one under each leg in the pit or curve, take a bowl of cool water with a rag and dab water over the body, starting with their neck and work your way to their stomach. Panting is normal and is their way of sweating through their tongue. By sharing all this, it is my hope that I have made you aware of the dangers of what the heat can do to our “babies” and help to prevent any casualties this summer.

“Remember to love your dogs because they love you. Maybe not the way you want them to, like chewing up your favorite shoes or what not, but that is just love chewing. Be thankful for the time you have with them always.”
By: Joel Allen

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