Captain Kirk Phaser-Whips Salon.Com

By: Rosemary Dewar
On Sunday, William Shatner took to Twitter to express his disappointment in and distaste for the toxic level of leftist-identity politics. He started by stating, “SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) stand for inequality, where they are superior to any one else, hence my use of Misandry and Snowflake.” A deluge of leftist criticism flooded his Twitter feed with an ugly mutation of the principle of justice that should not need a modifier.

Detractors called Mr. Shatner a sexist, as well as a misogynist. Liberal publications decided to jump on the bandwagon and condemn William Shatner’s statements.

Recently, decided to denounce William Shatner’s regular confrontational interactions with his own SJW fans. Shatner’s unapologetic and commanding style has seemed to trigger hysteria from the most fragile of life forms.’s Matthew Rozsa asks in vitriolic fashion, “Does William Shatner’s attack on ‘SJWs’ erase his ‘Star Trek’ legacy?”

The answer to such a ridiculous question is a simple “No.”
The article is tagged with many progressive buzzwords, including but not limited to “alt right.” This is rather asinine since the topic is not addressed anywhere in the publication. Salon’s Mr. Rozsa selected several of Shatner’s Tweets that definitively outline the incoherence of those who hold fast to progressive values.

After I read the publication and found it to be quite inflammatory, I reached out to Mr. Shatner by saying, “Reminder that Salon is garbage. Once again, I adore my captain.”

Mr. Shatner responded, “Who knew Salon would go the way of New Media Yellow Journalism? I guess readership was down?”

To categorize as sensational and crude would only begin to expose how debased their platform has truly become. Their cultivation of moral relativism has ranged from sympathy for pedophiles to kowtowing to Islamic extremism.

Salon has experienced declining numbers of readers since May of 2015, without any signs of recovery. Their blind adherence to leftist philosophy is causing adverse reactions so acute that the Starship Enterprise’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. McCoy, (also known as Bones) would have no hope of saving their delicate readership.

I replied to Mr. Shatner, “The whole right-wing knew it, Bill. Salon is a sitting duck in a vortex of cultural decay.”

Lastly, he stated, “Sad. They ( used to have amazing writers.”

William Shatner’s sentiments are shared by conservatives, and reviled by progressives.

When tagged the publication under “misogyny,” one has to ask, “Did they ever even watch Star Trek?”

Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s manly charm and commanding allure are enduring qualities of his character. Current progressive standards would consider these traits “toxic masculinity.” Most Star Trek fans of the original series would not consider altering Captain Kirk’s character any way. It would clearly ruin the cavalier spirit the show epitomizes.

Mr. Shatner’s observations are perfectly innocent, yet insightful. In the sphere of truly diverse ideas, his awareness is welcome.

“The prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other.” – Captain Kirk

Note: the Twitter exchange between veteran actor William Shatner and the author can be viewed at @rlynnd1.
By: Rosemary Dewar