Can You Get A Free Gun In A GUN FREE ZONE?

Wouldn’t it be great if we “Gun Lovers” could get free guns in stores and businesses that have signs posted, “GUN FREE ZONE?” Well OK, they do not say, “Free Gun Zone.”

Actually, during the past year or so, it seems to me that I am seeing fewer and fewer of these ridiculous signs posted around Athens, especially restaurants.

Just imagine, if we all thought like the liberal gun haters think. Liberal politicians want gun control by taking away the right of honest, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves. How can taking away the right of self-defense from someone protect them from criminals who get their guns by stealing them in “Gun Free Zones?”

I recently read a statement made by a policeman from Atlanta Georgia:

“Most of our criminals, they go out each and every night hunting for guns, and the easiest way to get them is out of people’s cars,” said Sgt. Warren Pickard of the Atlanta Police Department.

“We’re finding that a majority of stolen guns that are getting in the hands of criminals and being used to commit crimes were stolen out of vehicles.”

Why are criminals finding guns in cars? The victim leaves their gun in the car because they enter a business or restaurant that has one of those ridiculous signs!

I just spent three months in Houston Texas, getting treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Of course, the huge facility had signs posted at every entrance saying “No guns allowed.”

Texas State law says business owners can decide if guns are allowed in their establishment or not. I found that some businesses posted a copy of the law at the entrance.

There is not room here to post the entire Texas Law, but here is my short version: Open carry of firearms is prohibited in this business. Those who have openly carried their firearm into this business will be subject to arrest. Or: Those entering this business with a Concealed Carry permit must keep their firearm concealed. Then, there was a third version of this sign which basically stated: Open carry or concealed carry of firearms is prohibited in this establishment.

So basically, these businesses are prohibiting law-abiding, honest citizens the right of self-defense. MD Anderson Cancer Center had these signs posted at every entrance. But, no I did not leave my firearm at the apartment. I locked up my Glock and left it in our car in the parking garage. We had a choice of taking the expressway the twelve miles or so, where people were getting killed or maimed on a regular basis, or driving through a very rough looking area to get from our apartment to MDA. Later, just before returning home after three months, we learned that the area we were driving through was crime central for Houston! All but one of our trips to and from MDA to our apartment were in the daylight hours. There was one late night trip home after JoAnn had to take me to the emergency room at MDA due to a reaction to the chemo. We got out of the ER on a Saturday night at about eleven. I convinced JoAnn to take the expressway, and not the gang- and crime-ridden part of town.

All during these drives I carried my Glock in a Bible case, right on my lap. Ok, the time I had a high fever from the reaction to the chemo, I convinced my wife to keep it close to her.

One afternoon, my wife was forced into a right-turn-only lane, right into a very rough looking residential neighborhood. Immediately a man with his underwear showing, stepped out into the street right in front of us. My wife slowed down and almost stopped to avoid hitting him!

I yelled, “GO! GO! Get around him! Floor it!” She did and we got past the danger, took the next street back to the main road.

When I was a deputy sheriff in Lee County Florida, I responded to numerous calls where both innocent and not so innocent people drove into “Little Harlem” and got bricks thrown through their windshield when they did not stop for the man selling crack with his underwear showing. Left wing liberal gun haters think I should not be allowed to defend myself. Why don’t we just put signs out on the highway that say “Traffic Death Free Zone.” This would prevent all traffic deaths, right?
By: Paul Foreman