Business Recycling – A Free Service Supporting Environmental Education

8-16-2013 2-49-57 PMOwning a business means constantly looking at the bottom line and finding ways to reduce expenses. Recycling can help!

Think about how much cardboard comes through most businesses with the constant delivery of supplies. Those materials take up a lot of space in trash dumpsters.

What if the size of the dumpster or the number of times each month it is serviced could be reduced?

Recycling cardboard and other materials may allow a business to reduce dumpster expenses.

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The Athens-Limestone Recycling Center will be happy to set up any business in Athens and Limestone County with free cardboard recycling pickup service.

Recycling Locally Supports Environmental Education

The Athens-Limestone Recycling Center is a non-profit facility that is part of the Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful organization. Cardboard is our biggest revenue producer. The money raised through the sale of cardboard helps to fund the environmental education programs that we take into our city, county, and private schools. It also provides local jobs.

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Our education programs cover subjects such as litter, recycling, clean air and water, trees and forests, Alabama wildlife, and much more. KALB has a strong presence in the community and in our schools, and recycling your cardboard locally will allow us to continue offering these and other programs such as KALB’s annual Earth Day Celebration.

11-2-2012-3-26-11-PM2-300x202It is our hope to begin development of after-school and summer environmental programs that will bring our students out of the classroom and away from TVs and electronic gadgets to discover the beauty and wonder of nature.

If you are interested in recycling cardboard at your business, please call your local non-profit recycling center at 256-233-8746.
It is our pleasure to serve our community.
By: Lynne Hart