Braiding The Strands: You, Horse, and God

God describes YOU as His faithful or goodly horse in battle. A scripture to support this statement is found in the Old Testament in Zechariah 10:3-5.

I met a couple in Arizona who raise race horses. They do NOT bronc ride these horses in the way you see in rodeos. Their hands are the gentle tools that take the young horses (filly/female or colt/male) one step at a time — building confidence, not breaking their spirits. The halter training of young stock is interesting. They put a halter on the filly or colt and hook it to a mule. It’s not long until the filly or colt learns to submit to that mule. Please note: it requires both of them to submit to each other, since each has a mind of its own. In a short amount of time, however, the mule learns to take advantage of the young horse. He learns that if he will hold his head just right, the youngster cannot get up once it lies down. The mule seems to enjoy this superiority, and holds the youngster down at his will.

The time comes to move on from the mule connection. The initial halter training is over and it’s time to go further — to be the race horse it was bred to be. I must point out that when the mule and horse are unhooked, each is hurt. They have grown to like each other. For days they are sad, like they are grieving. There is then a transition that takes place.

God has called you to know Christ in you, the hope of glory. Do not hesitate when the Lord leads you to drop some mule doctrine in order to go to a higher level and fulfill your real calling in life. You are called to be a Son or a Daughter of Abba Father Himself. You are not called to be an orphan!

The horse is then trained to the harness, bridle, and saddle. Little by little, the training continues until the big day when the race horse steps out of its corral and goes down to the race track. There’s a new wind blowing in the air. With flared nostrils, the little race horse knows that he is about to move into a new dimension.

It is here the horse is introduced to a saddle pony that brings comfort. Days go by, and soon the race horse feels at ease in this new environment. He enjoys stretching his legs as he feels the wind blowing through his mane.

Another transition! The saddle pony is gone. It’s time to know that what is inside is greater than a form of something on the outside. He begins to trust the One who holds the reins.

So often a person identifies with what he has been all of his life rather than what he is called to be. Do not continue to identify with the mule or the saddle pony experience. They only represent levels one must go through.

Let us submit to the training in righteousness, become unhooked from mule doctrines, and no longer be held back by saddle ponies.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Make a “bridle” from the “strands” comprised of you and God, while embracing the unique training in righteousness provided by a goodly horse that God prepares for you; now you must run the race that is before you. Identify with Jesus and His life.

You are a winner. You are a race horse.