Brad Pullum For Limestone County Sheriff


Brad Pullum, as a lifelong resident of Limestone County, is an easily recognizable figure; 6 ft 7 inches tall, trademark cowboy hat, well known for his country music, as a D.A.R.E. officer, and a successful real estate agent and appraiser. He is also running for Limestone County Sheriff as a Republican. What is far less known about him is that he has been trained by the FBI as a hostage negotiator, and was the first law enforcement officer in Limestone County to be certified in the Voice Stress Analysis system, which can determine if a subject is telling the truth.

2014-05-15_11-48-14He has felt a life-long calling to be in law enforcement, and has served as a patrol deputy, jailer, dispatcher, crime scene photographer and evidence collector. He has degrees in Criminal Justice as well as Real Estate, is trained in homicide investigations, forensic techniques, and is a graduate of the Reid School of Interview and Interrogation, whose method is widely used by law enforcement agencies in America. He has experience as a liaison contact person with the U.S. Marshalls, ATF, DEA, and the FBI. He has also been a criminal investigator as well as a patrol supervisor. He sees functioning as a Sheriff as “as an honor, and not because I seek to make a career of politics.”

He believes that “the Sheriff, as an elected official, takes an oath to serve in that capacity. You have to serve equally and fairly, and protect people fairly, regardless of their race or ethnicity.” He is a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment, and wants to be known as a sheriff that “empowers people to protect themselves.” He is also very clear that in these uncertain times the Sheriff has to be the “line in the sand regarding our defense and protection.” I learned from talking with him that the office of Sheriff is a Constitutional office, and as such is the only law enforcement agency position that is elected. In addition, the Sheriff has the right to deputize a citizen as he sees fit.

2014-05-15_11-48-24Years before the active shooter tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Brad called for the implementation of school guards, even at the elementary school level. He also would like to see a substation for the Sheriff’s department located in the East Limestone area. His concern is that with the level of population in that part of the county, having to dispatch a responding officer from the Elm Street headquarters can cost precious minutes in an emergency.

I always ask candidates why, when there are several choices, should the people should vote for them, and Brad had the following to say regarding his qualifications to occupy the office: “I am a candidate for Sheriff because I know with certainty that I’m most qualified and best prepared to serve the people of Limestone County. I have a well thought out, thoroughly proven, viable plan for making improvements throughout our Sheriff’s office. Most efficient utilization of available resources, including equipment, technology, skills, and manpower is essential to this position of leadership. My law enforcement experience, training, community involvement, and professionalism speak for itself. I’ve enjoyed wonderful blessings of success as a business professional, law enforcement officer, family man, and have contributed positively to our community throughout my adult life. I want to correct our current problems with our department being ‘top heavy,’ along with providing better services without increased budget requirements.” He also promised, “Know this—I’ll be there to serve you with a common sense, fair and practical approach to law enforcement.”

He talked about the people of Limestone County as being the “salt of the earth,” and is confident when it comes to protecting their Constitutional rights, “they won’t go down without a fight.” We finished our chat with Brad quoting Benjamin Franklin, “When you are finished changing, you are finished.” He is determined to avoid getting stuck and not able to make important changes, and if his resolve to let his “experience, honesty, transparency and integrity” be his signature as Sheriff resonates with you, then vote for Brad Pullum on June 3rd.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner