Become A Force For Change In Your Community

By: Lynne Hart
What a wonderful day we had at our 10th annual Earth Day & Outdoor EXPO!

Thank you, WOW! internet+tv+phone for being our Earth Warrior Sponsor. We couldn’t have offered as much as we did without your support. We also thank Friendship Church for providing a wonderful environment for our event, and Custom Polymers PET, Bank Independent, Redstone Federal Credit Union, and Clem Tire for much needed funds to cover expenses.

The most important thing about our Earth Day event is the education that was provided by exhibitors and vendors. Part of the fun was an Information Scavenger Hunt given to each attendee as they entered. Here are just a few of the questions on the list and the amazing things learned by attendees.

• Where in Athens can you recycle electronics year around? Athens-Limestone Recycling Center.
• If people in Alabama increased recycling by just 10%, how many new jobs would be created? 1,400.
• What do you call a scientist who finds ways to solve problems? Engineer. And there are many types of engineers, including Environmental Engineers who work hard to solve environmental problems.
• What is the most littered item in the world? Cigarette butts. Yes, they are litter, too, and full of dangerous chemicals.
• If a rat snake eats just 2 adult rats, how many rat babies will be prevented from entering our environment in one year? 1,500! Please don’t kill these beneficial snakes.
• Why do vultures have bald heads? They are easier to keep clean. Since they are the sanitation workers of our environment, this is an important trait!
• What non-profit organization is sponsoring Trash Attack! Litter Cleanup event on May 12? We are! KALB! Please consider joining the effort to make our community cleaner.
• What group of animals (think tiny) need plants for food and are then eaten by birds (food chain)? Insects. Be careful with chemicals so poisons aren’t sent up the food chain.
• What is the difference between an annual plant and a perennial plant? Perennials grow back each year, annuals do not survive our winters.
• How many miles of developed trails can be found on TVA lands? 140 miles. Hiking season is here!

Girl Scout Troop 1922 had a wonderful demonstration at their booth about water pollution. Guests were invited to try to clean litter and dirt from a large container of water, only to find that it was impossible to remove everything. Our water supply is critical to our survival, and we should be very conscious of the fact that much of our litter is washed into our waterways, causing serious pollution.

Wings to Soar provided an amazing presentation on birds of prey. The Bald Eagle, our country’s national bird, is doing well since the pesticide DDT was banned from use. This chemical caused the birds to lay eggs with very thin shells which would break under the bird’s weight. Babies that did hatch were born with birth defects leaving them unable to fend for themselves. The Bald Eagle was near extinction until people who care forced change. These good people saved these beautiful creatures who suffered from man’s actions.

Be A Force For Change

Please handle your household hazardous waste correctly, and strongly encourage your local governments to help find ways to offer a collection for these materials so they will be kept out of the environment. Please don’t litter, and be a voice against this far too common danger.

Call the Litter Hotline 256-233-8000 when you witness littering and illegal dumping in Athens and Limestone County. Help us bring offenders to the attention of law enforcement.

Join KALB’s efforts to start fresh by helping pick up litter from roadsides, waterways, and public lands in Athens and Limestone County on May 12 during Trash Attack! Call 256-233-8000 or email to sign up. Get your family, club, church, neighbors, and friends involved in this worthwhile effort. See details on this page. WE NEED YOU!

If we understand the dangers of mistreating the environment, then we cannot stand by and let it happen. Join our efforts to become a force of nature! Do what’s right, speak up, and be a force for change.
By: Lynne Hart