Back To School For Me? – Wanda Campbell

8-2-2013 2-50-39 PMWe had our last summer camp, and it is nearly time to go back to school. We awarded nine girls a Super Sitter Course Certificate. In the course they spent two days with staff from Athens Limestone Hospital learning about ages and stages, basic first aid, and how to handle, diaper, and play with kids. On Wednesday, they went to visit the 911 Center and got lots of information about what happens when you call 911. Then, Jonathan Colwell helped the girls learn how to manage all the money they will make. On Thursday they found out how to build their arts and crafts kits and how to protect themselves with easy tumbles and pulls. On Friday, they learned CPR and were awarded their certificates. It was a busy week, but lots of fun for the girls and for our staff.

Now that camps are over, it is time to set new goals. Every year about this time I think about going back to school myself. I am not sure I need another degree, but I really like school. And getting the degree will open up opportunities. Truly, you cannot learn too much.

8-2-2013 2-50-51 PM

I have talked with lots of folks about this, and the biggest objection I can come up with is homework. I think I am smart enough to go back to school, but I am not sure I am able to retain all that information. Most days, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast by the end of the day. Studying will mean lots of reading, re-reading, note taking and mnemonics to help remember what I am supposed to be learning. I can do that – but do I really want to?

Of course, the best thing about going to school is – GOING TO SCHOOL. That means meeting new people, learning new things, opinionated discussions and reading lots of books. That may not sound like fun to you, but it sounds like the best day ever to me. Learning is a lifestyle after all.
By: Wanda Campbell