Athens Utilities Closing Jefferson St. Lobby To The Public And Suspending Disconnects

By: Holly Hollman

Athens Utilities is supporting state health officials on recommendations for social distancing as part of its COVID-19 protocols and ensuring the health and wellbeing of employees and customers by closing to the public its Customer Accounts lobby on Jefferson Street.

This became effective Thursday, March 19, at noon.

In addition, Athens Mayor Ronnie Marks and Customer Accounts Manager Bill Vaughn have suspended the normal practice of disconnecting utility services for nonpayment. This is effective immediately and will continue through April 6. Customers will be responsible for the full bill amount accrued until payment is made.

Customers are urged to pay what they can on their bills between now and April 6 to help keep their balances low. Athens Utilities will re-evaluate the COVID-19 situation on April 6 to determine whether to extend this modified policy.

Athens Utilities offers different methods for conducting business remotely.


  • Drive-thru at 508 S. Jefferson Street. Lane is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • Pay online at The online company that provides this service does charge a one-time use fee.
  • Mail bill stub with payment to City of Athens Utilities, P.O. Box 830200, Birmingham, AL, 35283-0200.
  • Place bill stub with payment in the night box at the facility at 508 S. Jefferson Street.
  • Pay by phone by calling toll free 1-855-760-0921. The company that provides this service does charge a one-time use fee.
  • Pay by bank draft (no fee). Forms are available:
  • Online at
  • By calling 256-233-8750
  • By emailing

Other Needs

  • To make a change to an account, to establish a new utility service, or for questions about a bill, or other questions about service, please call 256-233-8750 or email

Power Outages

  • For power outages, customers need to call 256-232-1440.

Drinking Water Safety

  • The COVID-19 virus does not have an impact on the water quality or safety of the City’s drinking water. For more information from the CDC, go online at:

Do not flush wipes or other materials, even those labeled as disposable

  • Please make it an every day practice to not flush wipes, diapers, swabs, pads, paper towels, facial tissue, bio-pads, and feminine hygiene products. Even those labeled as disposable will clog the customer’s service line and the Wastewater Department’s service line.

Call 811 before you dig

  • As spring arrives, and with some at home because of COVID-19 protocols, many are anxious to plant and do landscaping projects. Please remember to always call 811 before you dig so that underground utilities can be marked so you do not hit a gas line or other utility lines.

By: Holly Hollman
City of Athens Communications Specialist