Are You Moving Forward, Standing Still Or Backing Up?

The View From The Bridge

6-21-2013 2-41-45 PMI pray your answer is moving forward with a known purpose. If not, then know you are not alone. Taking an inward look at who we are “in reality” takes enormous courage. It takes honesty, and most of all it takes being intentional about the results we uncover.
In order to move forward, one must first look back and critically reflect on how you got to your current point. The next step would be to stand still and examine yourself with a serious eye in order to determine optimal self development options. Think about it! What is it that you see for your life, your future; what skills and educational needs do you lack? What is it that you need to keep moving forward without having to constantly back up or turn around?
Not one more step forward should one take until this process occurs. It is hard, really hard to self assess accurately because we know our strengths, but we also know our weaknesses, yes, the ones we like to keep to ourselves.

6-21-2013 2-43-19 PMStop for a moment and imagine that you are “living the life,” and doing the things that you truly desire. But then you remember it’s only your imagination; it’s not real. You say to yourself, “I am really not there yet, and don’t know if I will ever be.” Yes, we do this to ourselves everyday. Share our high hopes, dreams and ambitions with others but then truthfully …where is our follow-through? Found it! It just made a screeching halt at the stop sign of “Caution- Roadblocks Ahead”. Why? Because those voices in our head keep saying “No, that’s too hard to accomplish, why would you want to do that” or maybe it’s the naysaying comments of your best friend, relative or spouse which you allow to hold you back. Yes, I said “allow.” Admittedly, I have been guilty as much as the next person when it comes to allowing others to hold me back from reaching my goals and dreams. But let us be real with ourselves- is it in fact the other people? No, it is actually we as individuals keeping ourselves from advancing forward, and in some cases waiting patiently for the next push back, nay statement or road block sign to appear. Remember, be intentional, and let us not grow weary.

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Start where you are, taking one step forward with confidence. We are all at different places in our life, and your path and starting point is different from the next person’s. There is no need to compare yourself with others. Recognize that development of your goals and plan of action is yours and only yours. Yes, of course we would like to have the support of friends and loved ones to assist us with our goal achievements. I would say welcome the support, but remember the goals are not theirs to accomplish, and one cannot share one’s hopes and dreams with everyone, because everyone is definitely not for your good.

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In closing, what will your personal development plan of action involve: Choosing the right career pathway, preparing for the world of work, learning a new computer skill? Execute a critical self assessment first and then “start smart” by starting where you are in life, developing your known purpose. Remember, moving forward from those screeching halts we have allowed in our life takes endurance. Stay the course; detour instructions are available!
Until next time, be sincere, kind, and intentional.
Jackie Warner, Career Development Facilitator

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