Are You Committed?

Webster’s Dictionary defines commitment as “having made a pledge or commitment to someone or something.” What are you committed to in your life? For many, the answer is their spouse, their home church, their job. Most people, however, do not name themselves as a commitment. For most of my life, I wouldn’t have listed myself in my commitments. I put myself on the back burner and just kept going. I think many women would agree that there is a sense of guilt associated with taking time for yourself. Some might even say that you are selfish for doing so.

A wise friend and I were talking on the phone last week about this very topic. She assured me that taking care of myself, putting my health and mental well-being at the forefront of my mind, is actually the responsible thing to do. She so kindly reminded me that in order to be of good to others, you must be able; and if you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able. Take the time to eat healthy foods, take good vitamins, take a long walk, take time to pray and mediate. Give yourself time to build up your physical and mental health so that you can be of service to others.

How do you actually put that into practice? For me, I am having to start slow. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous, learning to take time for yourself? I am starting this week to take extra time in the morning to just be in the stillness and quite — taking time to pray and meditate on the positive things in my life. What are you going to do that become more committed to yourself? I hope you learn to take time for yourself, we can learn to do it together!

This week’s recipe is a simple side dish that is sure to be a crowd favorite. Simple roasted cauliflower takes on a Middle Eastern twist with savory curry powder. Enjoy!!

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9