Are Alabama’s Regulatory Policies Increasing Bad Health?

By: Roy Williams

I am so disappointed in the state of Alabama. Our legislators are so far behind the rest of the states that they have failed to protect public health by stating that CBD oil derived exclusively from the hemp plant, which has no THC, is illegal for sale or for personal use in the state of Alabama.

Why is marijuana illegal? Because it contains a substance (THC) that can make the person who uses it high. Hemp, which is very similar to marijuana, contains so little THC that it cannot make you high; however, the oil has been proven to help with many health issues including seizures, sleep disorders, nervous disorders, inflammatory problems, diabetes, and pain. In other countries, it is used in the treatment of several cancers, with some amazing results.

Heaven forbid that the state of Alabama allows an all-natural oil to be sold to the public for their personal use. Please note, there have been no records of anyone ever being hurt or even hospitalized from the consumption of hemp oil. It does not interfere with prescription medications and to date, has no known negative side effects.

Just a few weeks ago you may have read my article titled, “Sleeping Like A Baby Again.” In that article, I explained that I could take one hemp capsule at night and sleep like a 19-year-old. Several people came to our store and purchased the hemp oil and reported that they were also sleeping better than they had in years.

Now, I have been informed that it is illegal to sell hemp oil from my health food store or to have it for my personal use in the state of Alabama. You can drive across the state line into Tennessee, Georgia, or Florida and purchase it legally. But, you’re in trouble if you have it in your possession in Alabama.

If you want to use a totally safe, all-natural product to improve your health, then you should probably consider moving out of the state of Alabama. If you wish to have control of your health and be allowed to make your own decisions about your health, then you might consider moving out of the state of Alabama. If you want to live where the lawmakers are not controlled by large corporations and your politicians are not in the back pockets of big pharma, then you should consider moving out of Alabama.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “conflict of interest”? I thought our legislators were elected and sent to Montgomery to represent the public. Boy, was I ever wrong. Evidence is proving that most of our politicians are only concerned about the large organizations, such as the pharmaceutical industry, that can donate millions to their re-election campaigns.

Conflict of Interest

If an elected official has stock in the pharmaceutical industry, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for them to help pass legislation that would take away the rights of any organization that might compete with pharmaceutical sales? Isn’t it a conflict of interest for the pharmaceutical industry to hire an elected official who helped pass legislation to approve their drugs. Forget what the public wants.

For years we have been educating the public about the dangers of being dependent on the pharmaceutical industry. They admit that their approved drugs, taken as prescribed, are killing over 200 thousand people a year; yet they continue to make all-natural supplements, such as hemp oil or kratom which have no record of causing harm, illegal for you and me.

You know why you must have a prescription to take a drug from your doctor? Because almost 100 percent of synthetic drugs have a lethal dose and can cause harm even when taken as prescribed. The reason you don’t have to have a prescription to take supplements is because there are no dangerous side effects.

In Alabama, the law states that you must have a prescription to have or use hemp oil. Since it is not a drug and causes no harm, the only logical reason to force it under prescription status is so the pharmaceutical industry can have control and mark it up ten thousand percent.

Now that this has happened, for you to use this marvelous oil in Alabama, you must go to your doctor, explain why you want a prescription, and hope that he or she doesn’t tell you that their drugs are better and insist that you take them instead. If you are able to convince your doctor that hemp is what you need and he or she writes you a prescription, you will have to pay for the doctor’s appointment. It will cost you 20 to 30 times more than it did before they took control, and you will have to go back to your doctor, on a regular basis, to get your prescription renewed. This whole scheme is about nothing but money and control.

Your friend in natural health,

Roy P. Williams