Animal Cruelty

By: Joel Allen

Many years ago, my Aunt Angie rescued a puppy from being beat to death with a brick by his owner. Angie was a short, stout woman and was willing to fight the cruel man over this German shepherd mixed puppy. Well, the puppy lived and was named Bowser. Although Bowser was not quite right after that incident, he spent a good long life being a good dog but kind of goofy…LOL. Case in point, one day we were riding down the road in Montgomery, Alabama. It was a windy day and on the side of the road Bowser saw this garbage bag caught on a fence flapping in the wind. Well, he woofed and howled at it and beat my mom, unintentionally, with his front paws over the front passenger seat where she was seated. My Aunt Angie was driving and just laughed and laughed as this all transpired. Poor Bowser, we always believed because he was beat in the head like that it made him real slow for a dog. Animal cruelty has no place in our society and should be addressed and stopped!

I want to apologize in advance to my readers because this article will not be one of my best. I want to make everyone aware that there is a darkness out there that relishes in the pain of the innocent, and I want to bring it into the light. Just recently someone I know told me about witnessing the selling of kittens and how they were placed in a potato sack for transport. The only time I know animals to be transported like that is to be butchered, such as chickens. It was at a local flea market in my area. From my little bit of knowledge I have on the subject and knowing the evil men can do, I got the impression that those kittens were going to be used for “BAIT.” I could be wrong, but that was my impression. Everyone knows what I mean about bait, and I do not condone such as that. I want to place an “All-Points Bulletin” out there for my readers: “You see something, say something,” — just not necessarily to the person committing the vile act of animal cruelty because if that person will be cruel to an animal, what will keep them from doing something to someone else? They do not value life but the money, their profit; and if someone is the seller of these poor animals, then they are no better than those who would participate in the terrible deed itself.
Look at all this technology we have, yet there are still cruel people getting away with these terrible acts of abuse! If they will harm an animal, then they would certainly harm other people, including children. Don’t doubt me on this!

I encourage everyone to look up your local state and federal laws pertaining to animal cruelty. Get contact phone numbers for the authorities who can and will do something. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is a great start (888) 666-2279 or (212) 876-7700. I would also encourage everyone to use those cell phones and video record what happens. Get a description of the person or persons involved, and if a vehicle is used, get a description of that too — year, make, color, model, and tag number.

We all know dog fighting is illegal, and if someone knows about it, they should report it. Just please consider your safety and your family’s safety when reporting dog fighting. I have been informed that people who do these things are dangerous. For your safety, there are ways to report anonymously to the authorities, and, yes, 911 is also an option. Please do the right thing always, and again I apologize for the roughness of this article. I want everyone to stay alert and help make this world a better place.
By: Joel Allen