Animal “B.E.S.T.”: Because the B.E.S.T. Animal Is A Healthy Animal

8-15-2014 4-26-23 PMMaking one single phone call (to inquire if my friend had an extra wormer in her inventory) repositioned me into a new dimension with horses. I was invited to attend a clinic to learn about Animal B.E.S.T. Graciously receiving answers from several questions that had arisen, due to the fact I had never heard of this before, I made a quality decision to attend.
Animal Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (Animal B.E.S.T.) is energy work, which balances the body and updates memory patterns so animals can heal. This powerful technique provides your animal with increased immunity, pain relief, behavior stability, stimulated cellular and tissue repair, and increased performance.

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As an Animal B.E.S.T. practitioner, I feel for the pulse in the animal. This pulse is an energetic pulse, which may feel like a vascular pulse, but there are not necessarily any major blood vessels where you are touching. It is really an energetic pulse. Often the pulse will be a slow, rhythmic one, which may feel different in each of your hands when you first feel it. This is common and demonstrates the imbalance in the animal’s energetic pattern. By holding the pulse until it balances out the same in both of your hands, you will synchronize the animal’s pattern, an indication that interference has been removed.

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There are varied responses to the Animal B.E.S.T. treatment in both distinct and subtle ways. Some obvious reactions you might observe would be muscle spasms, licking, salivating, chewing, yawning, digestive sounds, moving away from or into the point of pressure, or a noticeable change in breathing patterns. Some not-so-obvious signs would include a relaxing or lowering of the head and neck, a “dreamy” softening of the eyes, changes in facial expressions, including a relaxing of the mouth, chin or ears. Sometimes with Animal B.E.S.T., when energy is shifting, the animal may become uncomfortable and want to strike out.

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I would like to share with you someone’s experience with Animal B.E.S.T. “The results that I’ve seen when my own horses have been BEST’d by Deb Kitchenmaster have truly been remarkable. Most recently my old retired quarter horse Doc has experienced some significant pain associated with founder and hip trouble. His pain was to the level that I had thoughts about having him humanely euthanized. However, I believed that as long as he continued eating his meals and greeting me every morning with a nicker, then I wouldn’t give up on him. But I felt so bad to see him in pain. The traditional pain medicines were providing him with some limited relief but I wanted more, so I turned once again to the BEST program. During Deb’s treatment I could see Doc getting more relaxed and “tuned-in.” He started to groom me (something he had never done before), as Deb was balancing out his energy flows and breaking down the blockages. As part of the BEST, Deb had him walk a small figure eight pattern a few times. With each pattern I could see that he was putting more weight on his bad foot! I was so amazed, and thankful for any bit of pain relief that she could provide. I don’t know the ‘hows’ of BEST, but I do believe in the results. Thank you Deb and the BEST Program!”

The training and the information I have shared with you in this article comes from Morter Health System, 215 W. Poplar St, Rogers, Arkansas, 72756. Telephone: 800-874-1478 or visit

Thank you, Dr. Morter for touching my life that I might reach out and touch others. Thank you Julie and Greg. And last but not least, I want to thank the donkey that is seen from highway 53 in the Ardmore area. After passing my written exam and B.E.S.T.“ing” the stallion I was assigned to, my training required ten case histories on animals. While driving my Mustang convertible on Hwy 53, I was contemplating if this is what I wanted to pursue at this time in my life. In that moment of contemplation a donkey began braying and I chose “pursue.” Thank you Donkey!
Your NEIGHbor,
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