America Recycles Day November 15th

11-16-2013 8-54-51 AM

America Recycles Day is one day each year that is set aside to bring attention to the importance of recycling. KALB works at motivating and inspiring our community to recycle every day.

Many people who don’t recycle say it is because they don’t have access to a recycling program. That excuse would definitely NOT work in Athens and Limestone County! The Athens-Limestone Recycling Center is a division of Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful and is one of the best centers in the area.

11-16-2013 8-54-40 AMWhat makes our local recycling center great? The best answer to that would be the number and variety of materials that are accepted there. Our center accepts many things that other recycling centers will not, such as glass, electronics (anything that runs on batteries or electricity), motor oil, cooking oil, batteries of all types, and more.

Why do we take those materials when others won’t? KALB and our recycling center care deeply about our local and global environment; therefore, we will accept items that are not necessarily profitable. When the community brings us the materials that ARE profitable, such as cardboard, aluminum cans, and paper, it helps to offset those losses. We have lost some of those profitable materials since the Athens curbside recycling is taken to Decatur. We appreciate everyone that makes the effort to bring their materials to our center.

11-16-2013 8-55-29 AM copyThe Athens-Limestone Recycling Center has drop-off bins that are accessible 24 hours a day. Drop-off trailers are located at most Limestone County schools and Athens Bible School. These are for community use. Our recycling center offers free recycling service to businesses that generate cardboard and/or office paper, and we service every city and county school!

11-16-2013 8-55-01 AMDuring the month of November, we’d like every Limestone County citizen to assess their recycling habits and pledge to do better. Start recycling in your home and business, add one additional item to the materials you recycle, and make that extra effort.

It’s not “garbage” you are tossing in the trash, it’s materials that are needed by businesses locally and throughout Alabama.

Join us in making a pledge to recycle more, reuse and repair what we have, and reduce our waste. Call KALB or our recycling center at 256-233-8746 for more information.
By: Lynne Hart

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