All Things Soldier: Blasting Bollywood Music Drives ISIS Bonkers

6-6-2016 9-00-00 AMOn June 1st, it was revealed in the Economic Times that British Special Forces are engaging in an especially fascinating form of psychological warfare against terrorists in Libya. They are subjecting ISIS to “auditory torture” (my words) by incessantly playing Top 40 Bollywood music at high volume levels. The practice was suggested to them by a UK intelligence officer who was born in Pakistan. The reasoning behind the operation was that due to the fact that ISIS considers music to be “un-Islamic,” if they exited the area to get away from “all things infidel,” it could expose their numbers, strengths, weaknesses, as well as their movements.

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The Brits had intercepted ISIS communications which made it very clear that according to Sharia imposed law in and around a Libyan town by the name of Sirte, music was considered to be “western and frivolous,” therefore it must be banned. So, they devised a plan to get the most “pound for their sound.” Besides playing the music non-stop, Libyan and British soldiers also dumped two cars in town that were blaring Bollywood tunes from loudspeakers. I must admit, at first I thought that was too risky, because the cars could possibly get turned into VBIEDS (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices), but then I realized that no self-respecting Sharia-ite would sully himself by drawing near to something that is forbidden.

It must be understood that there is more happening than just causing the annoyance of “Would you turn that thing down?” If someone is a “true believer,” then they must do everything they can to escape contamination, and as was mentioned above, that movement could be a priceless source of intel, and not a shot would have to be fired.

When I was in Iraq, there was an officer who used to walk back and forth near Saddam’s birthday palace at sunset playing “Amazing Grace” on his bagpipe. Every day I could not wait for him to play after the last call to prayer, which was always so poor musically that it was a relief when it was over. I cannot say that the officer was motivated by anything other than bringing a touch of home to the American, British, and Australian soldiers as the day was drawing to a close, but it certainly comforted me, so in a reverse manner, I can personally speak to the power of music in a combat zone.

The strategy seems to be working, as the ISIS operatives are using their walkie-talkies to discuss their dismay regarding the “Bollywood bombs,” and thereby they are giving away their exact locations. British soldiers are in Libya in a non-combatant role to teach Libyans who are interested in liberty to rout out the rascals. Thankfully their rules of engagement seem to be much better than what our soldiers are currently being subjected to, and that is, the Brits are able to return fire if they are fired upon first. May God bless them and all who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to keep us from being swallowed up by Sharia insanity.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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