All Things Soldier: Back To Iraq

6-18-2015 2-31-19 PMFour hundred and fifty US troops have been sent by their Commander-in-Chief back to Iraq, and I am sure it must have galled POTUS to do so. Why? Because he declared the war in Iraq to be over. I know that there are those who will take issue with me, saying that this is what should have happened, but I lived amongst Iraqis for three years, and this was their fear: that the Coalition would leave before they could handle things on their own. That is exactly what has happened, and it is heartbreaking.

It did not help at all that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid pushed through a resolution to announce their intent to see to it that the US withdraw by a certain date, which was a truly idiotic if not treacherous move. “Hey, let’s just announce that we are out of here, let our enemies bide their time (which they did,) and they can wait ‘til we’re gone, take over, and we can go back and finish the job! Sounds like a plan!”

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History tells us that the same thing happened in Vietnam. The Viet Cong knew they were losing, even though our media said otherwise and were very close to surrendering. Then we left, and millions were slaughtered.

To have our President assure us that effectively bold and resolved leadership is in fact present by having a news conference that announces that we still don’t have a plan as to how to defeat ISIS is past pathetic, and utterly predictable.

Truly, if I were not aware of the Scriptural promises to Iraq, I would have no reason to have any hope at all. And, I am intrigued by the number of troops chosen to go back. 450. What will they be able to do?

Then I think about the history of the 1973 Yom Kippur War in Israel, where true miracles happened, along the lines of the Gideon’s 300 story in the Bible. Insanely outnumbered, the IDF had documented Divine intervention on a number of occasions, and the Syrians fled. Could we see something similar?

It is estimated that if ISIS is not defeated, then 2 million Iraqi Christians, (let alone Muslims who are not considered to be fervent enough believers) will be slaughtered. It is indeed a portending holocaust.

Yet, there are tales emerging of ISIS members who have had dreams of Jesus appearing to them and telling them, “Stop killing my people.” One of these secret ISIS converts had a Christian believer look at him shortly before he was martyred say, “I know you are going to kill me, here is my Bible.” It was through that experience and the subsequent dreams he had that turned him upside down, and he is not alone.

Another thing to consider is the role of the Kurds. They typically have had resolve when it comes to resisting. Certainly that was the case when Saddam was in power, and the situation just may cause Iraqis, whether they be Sunni, Shia or Kurdish to be forced to come together. Or not. All I know from experience is that there are Iraqis who will do anything to be free, and may the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob grant them peace.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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