“All The News That’s Fit To Print,” Or Is It?

11-2-2013 7-33-08 AMFollowing up on my get your resume updated article . . . .

Have you ever Googled yourself? You might be surprised what you find when you do that.

After reading an article that said some employers are using Facebook and Google to vet their potential employees, I wondered what I would find if I looked myself up on the web.

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Because I don’t use my middle initial, I got lots of responses to my search for Wanda Campbell. The first name was Wanda B., a writer of Christian fiction. The second response told me there were 25 entries on LinkedIn (I am one of them). And, my name, address, and phone number are listed for Athens State University Center for Lifelong Learning. I am sixth in the choices. That is pretty good since Wanda B is the first three.

Fourth down in the Wanda Campbell selection groups was a listing for pictures of Wanda Campbell. There were lots of them – not me. Wanda B. showed up again, so did Wanda, Bladen County Clerk of the Court, and a gravestone for Wanda Knight Campbell.

11-2-2013 7-33-21 AMWhen I went to Facebook and looked up Wanda Campbell, I was sure I would get a list of Wandas like the web search. When I selected “show all listing for Wanda Campbell”, I got a bunch. Funny thing is most of the Wandas that had pictures were about my age. Funnier still is I never lived in a place with anyone named Wanda until I moved to Columbus. There were three Wandas in my circle of friends there. When I moved to Athens, there are lots of Wanda’s here.

I did not really worry about my Facebook account. I am not your typical Facebook person. I don’t usually post except for work and I rarely comment on other posts. I do read my children’s information and “Like” what they say. And, while I was looking up stuff for this article, I was able to “talk” with my new grand-daughter-in-law about picking living room furniture.

But getting back to potential employers looking at Facebook or Google pages, what you post could have an impact on whether or not you are hired. That rant you post about customer service or your political view could be the thing that does not sit well with your future employer. Before you post that cute “selfie” you might want to think about what other people will think.

11-2-2013 7-33-46 AMAbout a year ago there was a post that went viral. Two women went to Washington, DC for a conference. While they were in Washington, they visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. One made faces while the other took pictures. These pictures were posted on Facebook. After many, many posts, both were fired for being disrespectful.

There is a part of me that says it was their Facebook page, not the employers, so what does it matter. But as an employer, I don’t want my staff to look bad or make my company look bad and they were supposed to be at a conference learning something. However you feel about this, what you put on the web could impact your efforts to find a job. What is posted today is permanent. Just when you least expect it, something you wish was gone will show up.
By: Wanda Campbell
Center for Lifelong Learning – 121 South Marion Street, Athens, AL 35611

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