All That I Need Is Jesus

By: D. A. Slinkard

Enough of the hype. It is now time to perform, in the year 2020. I believe the correct statement, or maybe the fitting statement, would be it is time to put up or shut up. I understand this may be a more in-your-face approach that many people are not accustomed to, but we need to be honest. We have grown weak as a society. We are now more worried about who is going to get offended than we are concerned with telling people the truth.

Why is it we want to walk around telling people lies? Why? I cannot fathom the thought process of the world around us. We live in the greatest nation known to man, yet we live in a society that is utterly confused about various topics. The times have changed. Just look at the filth that is entering the homes of Americans across the nation through the television set. The days of The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, Leave It To Beaver — they are long gone; and we now, as a society, have replaced these wholesome television programs with the likes of the Kardashians.

Our society has escalated out of control. There would have been a time I would have used the word “spiraled,” but this would not be appropriate for the world we live in. Yet many Christians stand by doing nothing. People want to achieve success in life, but the truth of the matter is most people want success as long as they do not have to do anything tough or difficult. It has been said that the only time success will come before work is in the dictionary; yet we have a society that is looking for the get-rich-quick scheme.

I have met many people who if they worked as hard at finding a job as they do at not finding a job, they could be millionaires. Again, the society we live in has changed and our thinking is all wrong. We want to think about life in terms of what we can get out of it and what is in it for us when we need to live a focused life on pleasing Jesus Christ.

People want to know where my success comes in life. Jesus Christ. Do I sound like a zealot? What is wrong with being on fire for Christ? After all, we, mankind, are made in His image to glorify God. Every day is a struggle but let me ask you, what efforts are you making? We have gotten in trouble as a society because we too often want to focus on getting the praises of others, but we really need to turn that focus towards Jesus Christ.

The title of this column is “Slinkard on Success” and honestly, the way I feel here lately, maybe the name should become “Slinkard on Salvation.” There was a point in time in which I did worry about the toys in life; I worried about the Benjamins; I worried about the materialistic things and I would write about these things. But my heart has changed over time when it comes to this column. I am very thankful for Ali Turner and her giving me the ability to spread the Gospel through this article. I am also appreciative of you, the reader, who responds back to me and gives me the encouragement I need.

We live in some dark times, and it only seems it is getting darker and darker. People talk about world peace, togetherness, and harmony; but even though they all sound good, what we really need is to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I am amazed how God has provided for me and my family throughout 2019, and I know God will continue to amaze me in 2020.

We do not know how long we have on this earth, but I do know we need to take advantage of every moment we have. I was thinking about my girls during Christmas, and it saddened me as I only have just a handful more Christmases with them as teenagers. Before long, they will be all grown and be their own adult. In 2020, I urge you to put your focus on growing closer to the Lord and allow Him to move in your life so you can bring honor and glory to Christ. During the year if you get discouraged, just think about Philippian’s 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
By: D. A. Slinkard