Alkaline is Good For Your Health!

By: Roy Williams

There’s a misconception, much like sulfur, that alkaline is not good for you. You’ll see in Google that many people ask questions about that. Maybe it’s because the word sounds intimidating, but it’s exactly the opposite.
Your body is in a constant battle to level out the acid in your body, measured in pH units. High acidity is low pH and high alkaline is high pH.

Alkaline is the substance that our body releases into our blood stream to reduce acidity. If we don’t have enough in our diet, it pulls it from existing resources, like our bones and teeth. Those are not resources!

Here’s the problem with the American diet – it’s high in acid! Processed food is full of it and organic food is rich in alkaline. Get the problem? The optimal diet is about 80% alkaline and 20% acid.

High alkaline foods include beans, grains, and other fresh food. Pesticides tend to be acid forming; so get organic fruits and vegetables when possible.

pH+ Drops are a perfect way to increase your alkaline levels while you adjust your diet. It helps supplement the lack in your diet but is by no means a replacement for healthy eating. Combined with organic foods, your acid levels will drop which increases immune functions and lowers your risk for a multitude of sickness and disease.

Like God, alkaline is good!
Your Friend In Health,
Roy P. Williams