Adopt-A-Spot Program Rewards Our Community Twice

By: Lynne Hart
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of our outstanding Adopt-A-Spot volunteers and the organizations that have financially benefited from their volunteerism.

First, let me explain how the Adopt-A-Spot program works. KALB invites Individuals, citizen groups, and organizations to adopt a designated Adopt-A-Spot location to perform cleanups monthly, or as often as possible. After every 3rd cleanup, with a maximum of one reward per quarter, a $50 check is written to the adopting or designated organization. The receiving organization can potentially receive a total of $200 per year. KALB is grateful to the City of Athens for helping to fund this program through their annual appropriation.

Our city benefits from the removal of unsightly and dangerous litter AND a local organization receives funds that help give back to the community again!

Mr. Barry Phillips is faithful in his commitment to picking up two Adopt-A-Spot locations. The first is Forrest St. from Hwy. 31 to Jefferson St., and the second is Jefferson St. from Hwy. 72 to the Square. You can spot Mr. Phillips easily in his yellow safety vest using the supplies provided by KALB as he picks up litter along his chosen routes.

“I have been doing a couple of Adopt-A-Spot streets for a few years now and have gotten to where they are MY streets,” said Phillips. “I find myself getting upset at people who trash MY streets. Even when it’s not time to pick up trash, I’m looking for litter and planning my next pickup time.”

Mr. Phillips has chosen the Athens-Limestone Public Library as one of his designated non-profit organizations to receive his reward checks. “There is also an organization that profits from my work,” said Phillips. “I hear from them periodically, and I realize how important even a small gift is to them. It benefits both me as the giver and the community as the receiver.”

Paula Laurita, Director of the Athens-Limestone Public Library appreciates the donations received due to Mr. Phillips’ work. “The donations received through the KALB Adopt-A-Spot program have benefited everyone in the community,” said Laurita. “Mr. Phillips’ work supports literacy for all ages. ‘We Both Read’ books have been purchased with the reward funds for adults and children to share together. The best way to improve reading skills is for children to enjoy reading. By using the Adopt-A-Spot donations for these books, we are putting books in children’s hands.”

The organization that has been continuously volunteering in the Adopt-A-Spot program is Boy Scout Troop #24. This troop adopted Lucas Ferry Rd. in 2007 and has been faithfully picking up trash along that road ever since.

Reward checks go directly back to Troop #24, since they qualify as a non-profit within Limestone County. Scoutmaster Van Miller appreciates the opportunity for his troop to provide service to the community, and for them to learn through action the foundations of the Boy Scouts of America. “Being a good steward of the environment is one of those foundations, as well as being a good citizen,” said Miller. “The boys have commented many times on how much litter has been thrown along the road, and they question why people are not more considerate of the community.” Scoutmaster Miller said this service has been a great teaching tool. According to Miller, the funds received over the years from this program have allowed the troop to invest in the future of the scouts’ lives by allowing them to go camping, support service projects, purchase equipment, and supplement scout expenses so more boys can take part in scouting activities.

KALB has several spots available for adoption. I would be pleased to share more information and answer any questions you may have about adopting a spot in the City of Athens. The Adopt-A-Spot program benefits our community twice! It does not get much better than that!

Citizens may also adopt areas outside of the city; however, there are currently no reward monies available for county locations.
Call, email, or just stop in…I’m anxious to hear from you!
By: Lynne Hart
Executive Coordinator – Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful