A Ripple Effect of Environmental Improvement Begins With Simple Acts

By: Lynne Hart

KALB staff and commission members understand that sometimes what is happening globally relating to the environment seems too large for one individual to impact. “It is such a big issue! I can’t fix it all by myself.” “I’m just one person. My actions won’t even matter.” We know that’s how some people feel. We are here to tell you that you are NOT alone and every action you take as an individual or family is VERY IMPORTANT!

Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful is just one of about 40 Keep Alabama Beautiful affiliates in this state. Organizations just like ours are working hard in their communities to encourage positive action and volunteerism to improve and protect our local environments.

KALB is also one of over 600 affiliates of Keep America Beautiful. Each affiliate, with the help of national and state organizations, is working hard to share information about what we as individuals can do to make a difference in the health of our own communities. Together, we are making a national and global difference — one person, one family, one community at a time!

Being a good example to others can create a ripple effect you may never see. Someone who sees you picking up litter may be encouraged to do the same. Someone who sees a neighbor or coworker recycling may be encouraged to ask why. Members of a Girl Scout troop seen cleaning our walking trail may inspire another group to adopt a spot themselves. A business may be inspired to improve their property when seeing the results of another who has done so.

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you are one who wants to do the right thing for the environment, here are some ideas:

  • Call in witnessed littering to the KALB litter hotline 256-233-8000. An official letter will be sent to the vehicle owner from the Athens Police Department or Limestone County Sheriff’s Department with incident details and a reminder of fines involved. Often, that is all it takes to deter future littering. Caller identification is never shared.
  • Take a bag on your walks and pick up litter along the way. There are over 36,000 households in Limestone County. If each household picked up just 3 pieces of litter a day, what a huge difference it would make!
  • Learn more about what can be recycled locally and add one more material to your list.
  • Be sure your trash is in bags before placing in your trash receptacle to prevent items from escaping during pickup. Be sure lids are secure to prevent animals from scattering your trash.
  • Remember, litter that escapes from your trash receptacle is your responsibility. Be a good neighbor and pick it up before it blows or washes away.
  • Cover your load when transporting items. It’s the law.
  • Sign up to receive the KALB eNewsletter so you’ll be aware of volunteer opportunities. Then join one.
  • Participate in Adopt-A-Spot as an individual or group through KALB. We will provide all the supplies you will need.
  • Teach your children (or learn more yourself) about why littering is harmful to the environment.
  • Invite us into your classroom or to speak at your club meeting

Let’s make living in Limestone County a litter-free event through one positive action at a time!
By: Lynne Hart
Executive Coordinator – Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful