A Night With Coach Gene Stallings

Alabama means “home, sweet home.” A large part of that mentality is attributed to none other than Alabama football. Alabama football means tradition, and nothing says Alabama tradition like Coach Gene Stallings.

Though retired from coaching, Stallings has continually inspired us via radio programs and speeches given across America. Hailing from Paris, Texas, Stallings ensures availability to meet with fans and football followers alike.

Thursday, August 3, 2017 is no exception. The Rogersville Chamber of Commerce and Town of Rogersville, AL will co-host “A Night with Coach Gene Stallings” at the Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum is Florence, AL. The event will begin at 6:30 p.m., featuring a catered dinner and speech delivered by Coach Stallings.

Over the years, Stallings has built a large following, as his speeches and lifestyle inspire thousands. Attendees can expect an incredible night of storytelling, life motivation, and a good ole’ time with the Football Hall of Famer himself.

Coach Stallings recently suffered a stroke, and was hospitalized for a brief time. The Rogersville Chamber has been in constant contact with Stallings, and he assures us that his health is improving. Stallings has laughed, joked and continued about his business as if nothing can stop him—and it can’t. Stallings is taking a summer hiatus for recovery, with the Rogersville Chamber fundraiser being his first event following the break.

According to Director Kate Brown, “The Chamber is honored by his commitment to this event. We pray for a speedy recovery, and are grateful he is taking time to rest and recuperate. Mr. Stallings is an inspiration to everyone he meets, so we join his many admiring fans in wishing the best for him.”

For ticket sales and more information about the event, contact Director Kate Brown at the Rogersville Chamber of Commerce by phone (256-247-9449), email (chamber@rogersvillealabama.com), or website contact (www.visitrogersvilleal.com).
Ticket sales are also available online via TicketLeap at www.Rogersville.Ticketleap.Com.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner