A Letter To Doggie Claus – Dog Barker

By: Joel Allen

Dear Doggie Claus,

We went by the Athens-Limestone Animal Shelter the other day and took a few requests. There were dogs and cats that were crying for our attention, and we decided to call out to you. See, we need your help because the shelter is full of love, meaning these dogs and cats have a lot to give to their potential families. They sent a list of demands, I mean requests, by us to you and here is what they had to say.

Stud wanted to express that although he does not like cats, and he is old, he wants to love someone who will provide him with a warm quiet place to live out his days in style. He says his eyesight is not the best, but he is willing to look past anyone’s faults as long as they can see past his.

Mahogany asked that someone look at her and love her, for she has a lot to give. She also said look at her eyes, and you will see she is the real deal. She also wanted to share that she loves kids and will tolerate some animals to a degree, but her family has to check with her before bringing another dog into the picture. Check your list and you will see she is not on the naughty list.
Tiger, the hound, said that he wanted a family that lives for him baying and carrying on. That if he sticks his nose to the ground and gets distracted that his family will understand and will not let him get lost.

Plinko said for everyone to come see his unusual coloring. There’s no one with markings like him! Those eyes of his promise love for all.

Lacey May said that she may be small but she is beautiful and wants a family to love her completely; and if you ignore her she will call out.

These are just a few that cry out, Doggie Claus. There are many more who are always reaching through their gates with their noses, dancing when someone might see them, and begging to be adopted. Some others have given up and lay shivering in their dog beds not even getting up to be noticed because they feel they cannot trust anyone. Their Christmas wish was placed a long time ago and was dashed to pieces when they were ignored for one reason or another. Some were abandoned out right and had nowhere to go. It would be great to see they were fostered outside the shelter and given a little extra TLC for their hearts.

Anyways, Doggie Claus, I hear the cats are not in better shape. One reached a paw out of their cage and gestured for us to come over. They all whispered how they wanted to spend Christmas in a home with a tree they can terrorize. They sung like a chorus about their lives but quietly stared out looking for their family to come and save them. These are sad times for them.

So, Doggie Claus, our lists are not hard to fill. We each need to feel the arms of love around us. We need that comfortable bed in a home of love. Dogs should be able to play with toys, and cats should be able to be brats if they so want to. None should be replaced with a puppy or abandoned because no one wants the responsibility anymore. We are a choice for life and we are family.
Thank you for listening and, Doggie Claus, whatever you may hear it, was not us that chewed the shoes, got in the trash, or even chased the cat. That surveillance camera has always glitched and you can never believe that cat. So, when we are accused of something we know we didn’t do (wink wink), well you know…
Zoey and Frank

Folks, as you’ve seen in this article, there is truly a need for fosters for many animals at the shelter. Won’t you come by and foster one or two for Christmas? Will you let them share the love and warmth of your home? I promise you, it will be an experience many will never forget. There are some senior dogs that would easily adapt to a home that does not want a noisy dog and many are low maintenance. They just want a quiet life to end their days. If someone has never had a dog, they have not lived yet. So, what do you say? What are you waiting for?

By: Joel Allen