A Horse And His Boy…Or Girl – Horse Whispering

By: Deb Kitchenmaster
Having ‘writers block’ is not fun when you have an article to write! Thankfully, I am surrounded by caring, understanding, encouraging people. Stillness became my friend as I opened to the block in my heart, tuning into the Discovery Channel inside.
On September 3, a vehicle driven by our Minnesota friends of thirty years, pulled onto our yard. The last time they had paid us a visit was in April of 2011, when the tornadoes were touching down all over Alabama. One of the conversations prior to their coming this year was about the horses. In fact, I was told that it will be nice simply to have a cup of coffee together; HOWEVER, there was something about the horses! I NEED to spend time with the horses.

Herein is my challenge. Will I have the courage to declare publicly in writing the powerful creatures horses are? These four-legged animals that are capable of teaching their human caretakers a thing or two. Horses help people. Horses teach life lessons. Will I be brave enough to be a voice that recognizes horses have the potential to reinvigorate the very heart and soul of humanity?

Every horse is a teacher and a healer, and when we are in the presence of a horse, what the horse offers is what we need at the time. My Minnesota friend’s work with her horse, Praise, was a unique and life-enhancing experience. Without the support of the horse, life can lose direction and be empty for a great many people. It was brought to my attention while I was in the round pen, with friend and horse, that there is no end to what the horse is capable of activating. Through horse care and understanding, we can learn self-care and people care. My friend has worked over twenty-five years in the activity department of a nursing home — loving on people, singing hymns and teaching grace-filled Bible studies to the elderly. Somehow Praise knew this. And in one of many spectacular moments, horse blessed friend with a highlight of her journey when the horse spoke to the human’s heart…..”Know who you are and be who you are.” What a gift!

C.S. Lewis’ book THE HORSE AND HIS BOY was a delightful read for me. Horses from Narnia talked to humans. Imagine that! I would like to say, horses from Corral Connections talk to humans, also. There was this moment when horse was teaching human at a core level. All the horses were at an absolute pause until human ‘got it.’ Being sensitive and quite conscious, my friend was aware of the other horses. She said, “Deb, all the other horses stood still, watching, looking, and waiting for me to receive from Praise what she was offering me. When I did, they went about their own business. Each horse knows they are a therapy horse.” This is not the first time I have heard this. I smiled and nodded. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! Truly we are.

There was no riding on a back of a horse. There was riding between understanding and consciousness. There was no kick to go and pull to whoa. There was come close and back away. There were three specific times the horse licked, chewed, rolled eyes, stuck out tongue when the human used her voice in stating a truth she has ownership of inside. There was a moment when horse had one big tear drop fall from her right eye. Two days before getting on the road to come to Alabama, my friend stood by a casket saying, “Good-bye,” to her sister. Praise was aware of that. Horses are all about energy. When we ignore energy, we miss 99 percent of reality.

I received the promised call when they returned to their home safely. In this conversation I was told that the t-shirt she was wearing with Miss Praise was not going to be washed in the laundry for awhile. She held it close and took a deep sniff. Praise! She smiled, she cried, she thanked, she honored, she was filled with gratitude for a beautiful life changing experience.

“Imagine what a wonderful world it would be if all humans listened to the guidance and wisdom on offer from the horse.”