A Defenseless State Of Anxiety – The Millennial Mind

The manner in which one leads is as important as the one placed in leadership. One may lead either by Providence or paranoia. As a leader, he can either make peace with his enemy or he can make an enemy out of anyone. When everyone is the enemy, defense by any and all means can be justified. Monarchies and their kings were always more threatened by the enemies within than with a competing nearby country, and little has changed today. Within a republic, significant incontrovertible logic is essential for the proper functioning of law and order.

If the United States were an aircraft carrier, paranoia would be a hole blown in the hull from the inside-out. Instead of addressing the needed repair, the crew would be left pointing their fingers at each other. The ship would eventually sink. Because of the behavior of the kings and queens of England, the kingdom they were intent upon protecting changed family lines by the means of rumors, paranoia, speculation, and eventually war.

America’s system of government is not so easily manipulated by its leaders. The American mainstream media and the Left continue to behave otherwise. The mainstream media hold fast to the idea that they possess a monopoly on the belief systems of the public. They almost seem to long to become the fourth branch of government, regardless of the approval rating of the administration.

Although the anti-Federalists feared the possibility of accidentally instituting a ruling-class with the implementation of an Executive Branch, many governing structures were developed to counteract that threat. The President is not a king, Congress is not a royal court, and the Supreme Court is not a Parliament. They were not meant to be.

Anti-Federalist Samuel Bryan stated, “…free government, can only exist where the body of the people are virtuous, and… in such a government the people are the sovereign and their sense or opinion is the criterion of every public measure; for when this ceases to be the case, the nature of the government is changed, and an aristocracy, monarchy or despotism will rise on its ruin.”

The American constitutional republic is structured in such a way that law cannot be approved or enforced if it runs contrary to fundamental constitutional precepts. This structure can be weakened and compromised, should a governing branch suspend the original intent of our founding documents. The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights are meant to stand the test of time, not bend at that the point in time they are being tested.

The Judeo-Christian perspective asserts that a king is installed by those who reject the authority of the Creator. A king brings taxes instead of offerings, war instead of peace, and bondage instead of freedom. Those who wanted a king said they wanted to be like “other nations.”

The Left wants America to be like Canada, Denmark, Sweden, or Australia.

Our Founding Fathers wanted America to be nothing like any government of the past. When they wrote that our rights “are endowed by our Creator,” they were ready to defend a freedom that was unlike any other.

The Left continues to believe that they can serve two masters: the public and themselves. Those that they politically prop up are not divinely appointed royalty, and the press does not hold royal court. The intrigue that they weave and spin in order to influence authority is without substance.

Should centrists and conservatives deign to play the same game the Left has played, they will see the same losses the Left is experiencing.

As expressed by the hero Westley in the classic film, The Princess Bride, “We are men of action. Lies do not become us.”

Choose to lead by Providential wisdom and integrity. A seemingly innocent act of dishonest compromise will gain no reward. Those that talk will only talk, but those that act will reveal what they believe is actually defensible. It is essential to learn that rich and open debate is paramount for the prevention of acting out of fear or indulging one’s paranoia.

If one is to be ruled, it is most beneficial that one rules oneself.
By: Rosemary Dewar