3rd Annual 9/11 Heroes Run – The Vet’s Museum

By: Yvonne Dempsey
It is time once again to honor the fallen while challenging the living!

Join us on September 9, 2017 for the 3rd annual 9/11 Heroes Run! Our run is just part of the bigger effort to unite communities internationally with one goal – to never forget the sacrifices of the heroes of September 11th and in the wars since: veterans, first responders, civilians, and military forces.

A large portion of the funds raised through the 9/11 Heroes Run are invested back into the race communities to support local veterans, first responders, troops and military families. The remaining proceeds support the Travis Manion Foundation; from the previous two races over $4,500 was donated back to the Veterans Museum for various programs.

Many have asked “Where does the rest of the money go, and what does the Travis Manion Foundation do with it?” From the Travis Manion Foundation website, here is where “the rest of the money goes!” The mission of the Travis Manion Foundation is to “empower veterans and families of fallen heroes to develop character in future generations. In 2007, 1stLt Travis Manion (USMC) was killed in Iraq while saving his wounded teammates. Today, Travis’ legacy lives on in the words he spoke before leaving for his final deployment, ‘If Not Me, Then Who…’ Guided by this mantra, veterans continue their service, develop strong relationships with their communities, and thrive in their post-military lives. As a result, communities prosper and the character of our nation’s heroes live on in the next generation.”

As reported, over 90% of the proceeds donated back to the foundation goes to Program Services including Veteran Transition Workshops, which aid service members in leveraging their strengths, passions, and skills to thrive personally and professionally in their post-military lives. It also supports the “Character Does Matter Program” presented by Johnson & Johnson, which engages veterans and families of fallen heroes to inspire young adults to live with character, develop their leadership skills, and activate them to serve their communities in honor of fallen heroes. To date, over 200,000 young adults have been inspired to live with character and serve their community; over 60,000 veterans and survivors have been supported by the program. There are now more than 55 annual 9/11 Heroes Runs at different locations across the country and the world, and over 4,000 volunteers have been activated to support these programs!

Our run, which begins and ends at the Alabama Veterans Museum, will start at 7:00 a.m. Amber Godwin Loggins (sister of our fallen hero Lance Corporal Adam Loggins) will speak at the opening ceremony. Please help us get the word out about the race. For more information, contact the museum or Whitney Hollingsworth at 256-651-7507. For information about pricing and signup deadlines or to register visit http://www.travismanion.org/?post_type=tmf_911run_race&p=5479#.

A pancake breakfast will be held at the museum on August 19, 2017 from 8:00- 10:00 a.m. to help raise money to support the race. Pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee for the low price of just $5.00! Come on out and support both of these events. The museum is located at 100 W. Pryor St. in Athens, AL.
By: Yvonne Dempsey
Limestone Veterans Burial Detail member and Alabama Veterans Museum volunteer